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User Highlights Archive - TransSwipe - Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing

TransSwipe - Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing

Archive for the ‘User Highlights’ Category

Why companies are choosing Dwolla’s payments API, 4 quick examples

Here are four innovative companies using Dwolla to power their payments right now. Read why they chose Dwolla in their own words, or skip to the bottom where we summarize what they enjoy about the solution.

1: Jane.com

Jane.com Blog Header

As the fastest growing company in Utah, Jane.com is a boutique marketplace that sells everything from handbags to homegoods. Jane.com implemented Dwolla White Label to payout earnings to merchants selling goods via their marketplace.

Here’s what they said:

“Dwolla White Label is essential for us to re-open and attract new conversations with larger clients who required a more seamless onboarding experience. With only three endpoints and a webhooks integration, Jane.com was able to build a lightweight ACH solution in 14 days that allowed us to control the experience for our merchants end to end.”

Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane.com

2: Wunder Capital

Case Study Header - Wunder

In order to make investing in sustainable energy sources more accessible, Wunder Capital built a platform that simplifies financing for solar installers and investing for individual accredited investors. With Wunder, experience an easy-to-access marketplace that uses the Dwolla API to power payments.

Here’s what they said:

“We have looked high and low for a provider capable of seamlessly and securely facilitating our ACH transactions, and we couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Dwolla. Their API allows us the flexibility that we need to deeply integrate ACH transactions into our platform without disrupting our user experience. From customer identity verification to bank account verification to the transactions themselves, Dwolla takes the complex world of payment processing and wraps it up into an API that is painless to integrate. And perhaps most importantly, working with the Dwolla team has been an absolute pleasure.”

Dave Riess, CTO of Wunder

3: Blue Zebra

BlueZebra Sports logo

Blue Zebra makes it easy to manage and pay thousands of referees through its customizable software solutions. Blue Zebra integrated with Dwolla to make its clients’ lives easier, programmatically routing funds directly to referees’ bank accounts.

Here’s what they said:

“The reason we decided to use Dwolla is that it fit perfectly with making things easy for officials. To get paid, they enter their bank account information in Dwolla, and then they can get paid. It’s also easier for our conference clients; they connect a bank account and make payments directly from their checking account—no managing wire transfers or ACH deposits into a third party account before being able to pay officials. Finally, Dwolla’s support has been fantastic, both for our officials and for our administrators who manage the payments.“

Jeff Wigal, Founder and CTO

4: Sweep

Sweep and Dwolla

Recently launched at Money2020, Sweep is a financial app that makes achieving savings goals more attainable. Sweep uses Dwolla to facilitate a user’s transfers from one of their bank accounts to another within its cutting-edge mobile app.

Here’s what they said:

“Dwolla was able to offer the exact service our customers wanted whereas traditional financial institutions either didn’t understand how to do this or couldn’t move fast enough.  And the smaller payments startups didn’t quite have the processes and structures we needed. Most importantly, Dwolla knows how to be a good partner. They listened to our needs and worked closely with our team to get us ready in time for Money2020.”

Jackson Gates, CEO & Co-founder of Sweep


When choosing the right solution to power payments, there are a lot of moving pieces to consider. Dwolla’s proven a strong, yet flexible solution for several partners—above are just a few.

To sum up what they’re saying…

  • Partners appreciate the predictable, flat monthly cost (with no fee per transaction)
  • Our API and developer support make it easy to integrate ACH payments
  • Dwolla proves complementary and flexible to work with a range of solutions
  • The experience and payments flow can be branded and customizable

Curious how Dwolla can work with your business? Chat with our integration specialists.

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Gym membership payments made easy with platform WODTogether

Gym management platform, WODTogether, integrated Dwolla’s bank transfer technology (in two weeks) to save its users money in collecting recurring membership fees.


According to Forbes, there are now nearly 11,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide, up 22-fold from nine years ago. That’s a massive market that’s only growing larger. With the exploding number of CrossFit gyms and gym go-ers, three friends saw an opportunity to build software to ease running a training facility.

About WODTogether

WODTogether provides software to help run gyms, from membership management and billing features to coordinating group fitness facilities. Self-proclaimed “CrossFitters doing CrossFit, and coding”, Brian Holub, Michael Starich, and Adam Holub have a built a solution that meets all needs.

For a flat monthly fee, registered gyms get the support they need from a gym management software, including workout tracking, scheduling, tools for athletes and billing management.

The Problem

To create a holistic solution, WODTogether needed to offer the best possible payment options for gym managers. They had previously integrated credit card payments, but—as most business owners can relate to—those fees were high and hard to for gyms to manage so WODTogether wanted to provide an additional payment choice.

“The payments industry can be complicated, frustrating, and expensive for our users. We’re always looking for better options, and Dwolla’s fees (or lack thereof) is a game changer. The great API and documentation made it a no brainer.”

Brian Holub, CEO

b headshot - WODTogether

The best option would be easy to integrate, simple for users to get going, and cut out those percentage-based fees gym owners stress over.

The Solution

It was clear WODTogether needed a payment integration that was simple, straightforward in cost, and would allow for payments for both recurring services as well as one-off expenses. Dwolla met these requirements, and then some.

Dwolla’s bank transfer software allowed for:

  • Easy on-boarding of members—entering banking information is easier than inputting credit card information, no need to pull out the wallet and enter a string of 16 digits from a credit card
  • Payment of recurring gym membership fees
  • Collecting on individual expenses like refreshments, supplements, apparel, private training, or special event fees
  • A quick integration turnaround time from the WODTogether teamce

As an additional bonus, WODTogether use Next Day Transfers, so funds are moved in 1-2 business days, which—in their words—“crushes” traditional ACH payments processing times.

WODTogether dashboard

Just like a good CrossFit workout, the team at WODTogether needed an efficient and effective integration. Using Dwolla’s PHP Library, their team was able to integrate our co-branded solution in just a couple weeks. A quick turnaround time for a very lean development team.

Their biggest point of delight: the test environment. They were able to build and test the solution in UAT, allowing a quicker ramp up time.

Now, users simply select to connect their bank account via Dwolla, and are sent through the OAuth flow.

Fast, Simple and Focused

WODTogether touts software that is fast, simple and focused, helping gym managers and coaches keep ahead of their demanding day-to-day. To provide the best possible solution, WODTogether integrated Dwolla.

Now as gyms scale, they can avoid losing valuable profit to credit card fees and they’ll be able to count on their users’ membership payments coming in regularly—thanks to recurring payments in the API.

“CrossFit gyms vary greatly in size, from as little as a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands in monthly revenue. Whatever the size, gyms stand to save hundreds of dollars a month if they accept payments via Dwolla. We’re now able to offer greater value to our members.”

Michael Starich, President (and gym owner)

m headshot - WODTogether

Curious how your payments could improve? Drop our consultants a line.

Read out to Learn more, blue

BlueZebra Sports: delivering payouts for college officials

BlueZebra Sports logoIn a single college football game there can be up to eight referees on the field—and that’s just the refs. This number doesn’t account for the other officials and staff that help keep the game running. Now consider college game-day, every Saturday in the fall hundreds of referees, umpires and other officials don their black and white stripes and head to the field.

Managing and coordinating the officials in sports is no easy feat, but software company BlueZebra Sports has built a platform that major collegiate conferences consider their go-to for everything from scheduling to paying employees.

About BlueZebra Sports

If you’re watching a game, most people don’t think about the referees unless a call doesn’t go their way. Refs just show up and do their job, but ensuring this happens is no small task.

BlueZebra has been in the game for over thirteen years, empowering schools of all sizes—from your hometown high school to division 1 universities—to take hold of all things related to managing officials. Its user-friendly platform boasts easy-to-use technology for officials and administrators alike.

With over 4,000 college officials in the system, BlueZebra provides its clients with a holistic solution for managing and paying a less-than-traditional lineup of staff.

The problem they faced:

BlueZebra needed a cost-effective payment integration to ensure referees were paid in a timely, secure and efficient manner. Since collegiate athletic conferences are generally non-profit, BlueZebra needed to find an easy-to-use solution for staff payouts that would land funds directly in their bank account.

Sports officials are independent contractors, and are typically paid directly by the schools or by the conference. We were looking for a way to make payments as easy as possible for officials and for school/conference personnel.”

Bradley Batt, Founder and CEO

Brad BlueZebra Sports headshot

When looking for a payouts provider, BlueZebra needed a partner that could be as flexible and customizable as its software was. Additionally, it needed to offer quick payouts and display information about transactions. Since the platform is often tailored for each client, the payout integration needed to cooperate.

Their solution for payouts:

BlueZebra found an ideal payment partner in Dwolla. With a flexible, open API backed by top-notch developer support, BlueZebra was sending payments through Dwolla within two weeks.

Today, BlueZebra facilitates millions in payouts annually to thousands of college officials using Dwolla’s powerful ACH-based bank transfers.


The process is as follows:

  1. A conference manager logs in to BlueZebra’s customized portal for their given athletic conference.
  2. They head over to the ‘Pay officials’ tab and select a date range.
  3. Based on the date range, they can select the officials they would like to pay.
  4. Payment is processed by Dwolla and the funds are routed to the officials connected banking account.

“The reason we decided to use Dwolla is that it fit perfectly with making things easy for officials. To get paid, they enter their bank account information in Dwolla, and then they can get paid. It’s also easier for our conference clients; they connect a bank account and make payments directly from their checking account—no managing wire transfers or ACH deposits into a third party account before being able to pay officials. Finally, Dwolla’s support has been fantastic, both for our officials and for our administrators who manage the payments.“

Jeff Wigal, Founder and CTO

Jeff Wigal head shot blue zebra

BlueZebra’s slick integration makes payouts to staff members simple to follow and painless to get up and running. Now conferences are able to make payments as frequently as needed without concerns of timing or excessive cost, and see information conveniently in one place.

To integrate your own solution for better payouts, let’s get started!

Read out to Learn more, blue

Marketplace Jane.com uses Dwolla’s API to send payments to merchants

Jane.com Blog Header

Boutique marketplace Jane.com leverages Dwolla’s API to power ACH payments to its booming merchant base

Started only four years ago in founder and CEO Mike McEwan’s home, Jane.com quickly grew from a boutique daily deals marketplace offering just one deal per day, to 50+ team members managing and promoting over 200 deals a day. In the last three years, Jane.com has seen an explosive 18,787% sales growth. This fall, the company was ranked #11 on the Inc. 5000 list, as well as the #1 fastest-growing company in Utah and the #1 fastest-growing retail company in the country.

Built from the ground up, Jane.com is as much a technology company as it is a marketplace for boutique clothing and accessories. Jane.com keeps most business operations in-house, from feature and platform development to marketing campaign creation and execution. However, without the time to build its own payments infrastructure at a pace the market demanded, Jane.com partnered with Dwolla to help facilitate the disbursement process to its rapidly-growing merchant base. Jane.com tapped into Dwolla’s API to integrate a programmatic ACH payout solution that complimented its existing platform.

“We’ve seen exponential growth, from facilitating deals for our growing business customers to managing the increased consumer traffic to our site, and Dwolla has handled disbursements for our platform every step of the way. Not only was their API easy to integrate, but they’ve scaled and innovated alongside Jane.com to offer the powerful and flexible bank transfer solution we need.”

Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane.com


As customers purchase goods from the boutiques, payouts to the merchants are automatically queued on the backend, where they are then reviewed and approved by a controller on Jane.com’s team. This light-touch and streamlined disbursement process allows Jane to focus more resources elsewhere in the company.

This week, Jane.com launched a new registration and ACH payouts flow for some of its merchants, leveraging the Dwolla White Label integration. Jane.com can now brand the end-to-end experience, from account creation to payment notifications. This provides a seamless and customizable onboarding experience, and allows Jane.com to service larger partnerships that may have been road-blocked by the previous flow.  

“Dwolla White Label is essential for us to re-open and attract new conversations with larger clients who required a more seamless onboarding experience. With only three endpoints and a webhooks integration, Jane.com was able to build a lightweight ACH solution in 14 days that allowed us to control the experience for our merchants end to end.”

– Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane.com

Have questions about how Dwolla can work with you? Contact us.

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Local Non-profit Taps into Dwolla Recurring Payments

Eat Greater Des Moines Non Profit Uses Dwolla

The best part of releasing product updates is seeing them put to use, out in the wild, within our community. That proved especially true for our recent launch of improved recurring payments.

With the new recurring payments set up, you can now schedule a recurring payment to start and end on a specific date, or to end after a certain number of completed transactions. Just set it and forget it.

CSAs are a good example of a subscription-based service well suited for online recurring payments. Dwolla has, and always will, love CSAs. Now, with the improved recurring functionality, CSAs love us back just a bit more.

Take for example, Eat Greater Des Moines.

Eat Greater Des Moines is an Iowa non-profit working to identify, develop and connect resources with the broader community to support the entire food life cycle in Central Iowa.

They’re more than just a CSA; they serve as a system to improve sustainability. Not just limited to veggies, Eat Greater Des Moines partners with local food providers and businesses to connect resources with the community.

Another fact of Eat Greater Des Moines: they’ve been asking us for improved recurring payments.

The primary use Eat Greater Des Moines sees with Dwolla is as a recurring payment service for their Local Food Box program.

This program is an employee perk, empowering businesses to offer healthy, locally-sourced alternative food options to their employees on a regular basis. Each week, a new box with new holdings is sent out, and each week the employee must make their payment, while the business contributes a portion to the cost of the share.

Recurring payment for subscriptiong

With Dwolla’s improved recurring functionality, customers can set up their local food box payment to occur on a weekly basis without the stress of remembering to log in and send the funds, and with the variety of scheduling options, customers get a payment system more tailored to their needs.

“This new option allows customers to set up their start and stop dates for recurring payments which works ideally with our Local Food Box since they are purchasing the box on a weekly basis and are able to skip a box or more when they are on vacation, etc.”


Linda G.
Eat Greater Des Moines Food Systems Coordinator

The freedom from waiting to set up a payment each and every week provides customers the comfort to plan in advance. In Eat Greater Des Moines’ case, if a customer knows they’ll be on vacation and won’t need their regularly scheduled box, they can simply set their payment to stop before they head out. Upon their return, they can set up that payment again.

“We like this feature because customers have the ability to schedule recurring payments—it allows more efficient management of their payments and it potentially increases the likelihood of their fulfillment. If the process is easier and it helps the customer stay on top of their recurring orders, it makes a more satisfied customer who will continue to buy through our program.”


Linda G.
Eat Greater Des Moines Food Systems Coordinator

Our more flexible, functional recurring payments process eases the stress for Eat Greater Des Moines and its customers. Learn more about setting up a recurring payments for your business here.

Clear Capital takes their disbursement process online with Dwolla

Clear Cap Blog HeaderDwolla is a go-to provider of a wide array of payment solutions, from entrepreneurs wanting to build scheduled recurring payments into their application or platform, to commercial partners needing a comprehensive disbursement solution. Dwolla’s open API makes customization easy, and our recent upgrades to our OAuth implementation and Dwolla Direct have made onboarding members a breeze.

One of our hallmark partners is Clear Capital, a nationwide provider of residential and commercial real estate services for mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, etc. As a service, they provide valuations, data and analytics, quality assurance services and technology solutions to their customers—mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, GSEs, and Ratings Agencies. Their network of more than 40,000 nationwide real estate professionals deliver broker-based and appraiser-based reports.

As an innovative leader in their industry, Clear Capital chose to integrate a fast and secure payment disbursement option into their existing platform, so that the real estate brokers, agents and appraisers in their network could quickly and securely receive online payments.

Modernizing payout process with Dwolla

Clear Capital received many requests from their network of appraisers, brokers and agents for direct deposit, and between the costs and time committed to processing paper checks, realized the value of implementing an online payouts option. They needed to solve three major pain points:

  1. A better payment system for the company’s vendors. One that pays them sooner and eliminates the frustration of checks that go missing in the mail.
  2. A solution that didn’t require sensitive information within the Clear Capital system
  3. A simple, easy-to-use payouts option that had very little friction in signup for payouts recipients

Dwolla delivered on all three.

Dwolla MassPay for sending disbursements

Now, Dwolla processes a wire transfer from Clear Capital same-day and disburses the amounts owed to thousands of vendors via the Dwolla MassPay API, routing funds directly to the vendors’ respective bank or credit union accounts. With this new system, Clear Capital cut transfer times to just 1-2 business days.

Dwolla OAuth account creation for member onboarding

The integration of Dwolla OAuth account creation within the Clear Capital dashboard allows vendors to easily create their account with an email address and password, then securely link a bank account. Clear Capital is able to kick off payments using only the recipients’ email addresses, and funds are routed to the vendor’s bank or credit union accounts.

The solution

With a new streamlined and integrated solution, Clear Capital upped its payouts to two times per month instead of just one. After just five months, Clear Capital transitioned more than 30 percent of their total payout recipients to Dwolla…

“When our brokers, agents and appraisers in the field are happy, it’s a win for us. Dwolla has eliminated a big frustration from our network of real estate brokers, agents and appraisers when checks go missing in the mail.


A digital solution has saved us more than $.80 per payment, which has allowed us to pay them more often—twice a month, instead of just once at the beginning of each month. As a technology company ourselves, we are familiar with costly and time intensive integrations. It has been seamless to integrate our application with their system.”

What is your dream payments solution for your business, platform, or organization?

Let Dwolla help you build it. Email bizdev@dwolla.com to get started.



How an After School Program in Tampa Helped Us Rethink Payment Requests

HOST Program

You can learn more in one day from talking to customers, than one week of brainstorming, one month of watching competitors, and one year of market research. 

As marketing manager at Dwolla, I see a lot of numbers. I look at data across the platform every day, monitoring conversion on partner registrations, which products are being used, which sites are driving traffic, etc. I work in exhausting excel documents, managing launch plans and content calendars, segmenting audiences and drafting communications for various mediums.

I know the project managers or founders of our largest partners, and we speak regularly about what we can do to help onboard their members or clients—brainstorming and creating marketing and educational pieces that will continue to push the needle upwards.

It’s been in this sense that I’ve been working with Paul Schale for the last few months, a program manager of the Hillsborough Out of School Time (HOST) Program. When Paul suggested that we come out to visit the team and some of the program sites, I was interested. The after school program services approximately 10,000 children in elementary and middle schools, and is growing rapidly each year—with 1,000 additional students enrolling this year. Just this school year, HOST began accepting Dwolla payments for weekly program fees.

In March, I hopped on a flight to Tampa with Bobby Godberson, Manager of Dwolla Customer Support, and Nicole Cook, Director of Government Partnerships at Dwolla, to speak with staff members, teachers, parents and students of the HOST Program.

Instead of keeping our meetings to conference rooms and air conditioning, Paul suggested that our first stop be nearby Rampello K-8 School, so that we could get a better idea of what the program provides its students and to speak with HOST instructors, children, and their parents.

photo 1

The HOST Program provides just what the organization’s name suggests, before and after school care for elementary and middle school students. It’s not just 30 to 60 minutes that these children are participating in group activities and snack time. School let’s out at 2:25 p.m., and the HOST Program will care for thousands of children until 6:00 p.m.

Having grown up and gone to school in rural Iowa, Rampello K-8 itself was mind-boggling to me. There were hundreds of children, with 15 students per instructor, and activities that included crafts, multiple kickball games, computer time, snack time, and even groups for children interested in chess or working with plants. Children move with their instructor from activity to activity, and are kept with kids of their same age.

photo 2

Prior to 2011, HOST was still having to collect thousands of paper applications from parents and guardians enrolling their children into the program, as well as taking attendance and tracking payments via a ledger. It was that year that HOST partnered with Cayen Systems, providing an electronic platform for parents to submit their kids’ applications, and for HOST staff to track payments and attendance digitally.

Prior to the 2014-2015 school year, parents had only the payment options of dropping off a paper check when they picked up their children each week, or submitting a money order. It was the lead HOST instructor’s job at each site to write a receipt for the parent by hand, then take their large stack of checks and manually enter the check numbers, amount, and what week was paid for which child into HOST’s Cayen Systems.

Always wanting to drive innovation and to move more of their outdated paper processes online, Debbie Zenk, Supervisor of After School Programs, tapped Paul and the HOST technology team to push for a digital payment option that would alleviate the pain of processing paper checks for both the parents and the site instructors. Cayen Systems reached out to us, and began their own Dwolla integration into their school management software.

Lindsay Pelham, Paul’s right and left hand as he says, walked me through the cumbersome process of manual check entry, and I was able to witness first hand at Rampello the parents digging through their bags for their checkbooks while the HOST instructor frantically scribbles out a receipt while also trying to call for the children to come meet their parents.

Speaking of parents—I’m not sure there would have been anything that would have helped me prepare for the conversations I was about to have.

“Dwolla is here from Iowa!” Paul would announce, as another group of parents staggered in from an exhausting work day. “Let them know what you think! They want to know what you love and what you hate!”

And it continued, for the next couple of hours.

Many people loved Dwolla, they had been waiting for an online option and were ecstatic to kick their checkbook to the curb.

There were a number of people who had trouble registering for their account, and found the process too time-consuming and full of friction.


The next day we were given the opportunity to speak for 30 minutes at the HOST team leads district meeting to about 150 individuals, something that only occurs twice a year and is already packed full of mandatory information. The Dwolla presentation inspired one of the instructors to shout ‘No more checks!’ which was met with a general roar of approval.

The last afternoon in Tampa was spent at Lowry Elementary. The lead site instructor, Coach Mark Raynor, had just bought ice cream for his students with what was most likely his day’s wages of working as a HOST instructor. “It’s worth it,” he said. Many of the Lowry parents’ concerns echoed those of Rampello, with even more emphasis on the need to decrease friction at initial registration.

The problems parents were facing during the registration and request fulfillment process guided our efforts in building a better flow for creating an account and fulfilling a payment request.

We released this improved flow last week.

I can’t look at registration conversion numbers any more and simply think, “How do I increase this number?” I look at the numbers and I see a mother who would like to use Dwolla, but got stuck in registration and gave up.

Moving away from the paper check will make jobs easier. Instead of manually entering thousands of checks each week, instructors will get more time with the kids. It will allow Lindsay, who works diligently with Paul to provide training and guidance to HOST Program leaders, to spend more time innovating on the program and less time correcting errors made in manual check entry.

In order to do that, we know that we have to keep reducing friction and increasing functionality in the Dwolla product. We are never done, we are always iterating, we are always listening.

You can learn more in one day from talking to customers, than one week of brainstorming, one month of watching competitors, and one year of market research. 

Thank you to Paul, Lindsay, and Debbie of the HOST Program, as well as the entire team at Cayen Systems, for helping us make Dwolla better.


Dwolla to help U.S. Treasury go paperless, prepare for a secure digital future

Dwolla for government logoEach year the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service collects 400 million transactions worth $3.7 trillion.  Ensuring that its collection programs stay relevant, safe, and cost-effective, they recently launched a new Digital Wallet program. The new initiative aims to modernize the way our country collects and distributes payments through the convenient offering of safe and innovative payment options. In June of 2013, the Digital Wallet initiative issued a request for proposal, asking national payment platforms to help the 225-year-old Treasury Department improve its flagship revenue collections product, Pay.Gov.

dwolla and government payment us fiscal servicesWith existing partnerships with Microsoft Government and state administrations, Dwolla’s flexible architecture makes for an ideal partner in helping modernize public payments. Today, we’re excited to announce our selection as the U.S. Treasury’s first Digital Wallet partners, alongside PayPal.

What is Pay.Gov? It’s smart government.

Nearly 200 federal agencies, ranging from the Department of Interior to the Department of Defense, use the U.S. Treasury’s Pay.gov platform to create and host custom online payment forms, collecting over 100 million transactions worth approximately $110 billion per year. These simple forms, which hide a sophisticated software and accounting system, allow federal agencies to collect and track non-income tax payments for things like climbing Denali or court fees. It’s a lot like Dwolla Forms, but made exclusively for the federal government.

PayGov Dwolla federal payments solutionBy outsourcing their revenue collection needs to Pay.Gov, federal agencies not only provide taxpayers an improved experience but also streamline their own payment operations. In doing this, they reduce the operational costs, inefficiencies, and foregone payments. Simply put, Pay.Gov increases revenue for agencies and saves taxpayers money.

How is Dwolla involved? How would this impact me?

Dwolla is now a live payment option for many US agencies (and this will grow over time)–allowing any taxpayer with a U.S. bank or credit union account to use Dwolla’s simple and secure online checkout experience to pay for a whole host of federal fees, products, and permits.

No cards. No checks. No pre-existing Dwolla account required. No sharing of sensitive payment information with the federal government.

What is Dwolla? A secure and modern way to make bank transfers.

dwolla for government comparison chartWhen we began building the Dwolla payment network in 2008, we set out to create the ideal way to send money. What we quickly found is that the ideal way to move money has changed since the 1960s and 70s, and the only way to solve the problem was to start over.

Starting fresh with over 40 years of technological advancements, Dwolla was able to create an end-to-end payment network that modernized the legacy bank systems—making it easier to use, more accessible, and more secure. Today, we work with anyone or anything connected to the Internet, from solopreneurs to publicly traded companies, exchange infrastructures to software developers, state governments to financial institutions.  We help our community rethink their payment operations, product offerings, and user experiences.

Create new standards in security and privacy: Dwolla has baked new technologies into its network, like authentication and tokenization, that eliminate sensitive financial information from a typical transaction.

Solve problems for all: Free turnkey products, like MassPay or Dwolla Forms, make it easy for anyone to send or receive funds without any existing technical know-how, while a healthy library of developer docs and APIs make it easy to plug Dwolla into nearly any platform, existing operation, or your own creation. Additional levels of support and customization are available and affordable.

Create a powerful, but flexible infrastructure: A simple, and dynamic platform, Dwolla was designed to handle the unique considerations of governments.

Create a platform for future innovation: Whether its mobile applications, real-time payments, or tokenization, Dwolla benefits are freely accessible via our API and developer documentation, allowing the network to scale and solve for the unique needs of an evolving payment landscape.

So what Dwolla can do for you? Grab a brochure from Dwolla.com/government or sign up for our upcoming webinar by emailing government@dwolla.com.


Dwolla Partners with Microsoft, Bringing Smarter Government to the Public Sector

Dwolla for government logo

The call for cost-reducing and waste-cutting technologies in government has never been louder, with mandates to find efficiencies and streamline processes within the public sector coming all the way from the top.

But finding the right tools and implementing the right solutions isn’t as easy as upgrading your computer’s operating software or switching email providers. Governments have special considerations, like heightened levels of security and compliance; deeply entrenched legacy systems that need to be accounted for; and infamously long integration timeframes.

Where Dwolla was designed to address many of these concerns when it comes to payments, the same can’t easily be said with other streamlined technologies and ideas that are trying to address other aspects of government.

That’s why Microsoft is announcing a new platform initiative specifically designed for Government, and we’re teaming up with them.

Microsoft for Government

The idea is simple: create a new-age government workforce, one that is enabled by unified cloud services, development tools, and user experiences—something that responds to the challenges of today while meeting the needs of the future, like mobile and rich audio/visual content. The reality, however, is that your average hosting services won’t work. A government cloud infrastructure must be specifically designed to meet the unique considerations of government, like the heightened requirements with security, compliance, and regulation. Until today, no scalable solution had yet to hit the market in a meaningful way.

Today, in DC, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is previewing their answer and announcing a small number of select partners hand-picked to help bolster the overall Microsoft for Government product portfolio.

Called Azure Government, the new platform provides governments the kind of cloud-based benefits that the private sector takes for granted (e.g. interoperability, speed, scale, and economics) while addressing the security, compliance, and regulatory needs of U.S., local, state, and federal governments (e.g. FedRAMP, CJIS and HIPAA). The hybrid and tiered product offerings make it an incredible choice for any size of government, from Department of Defense to local municipalities. These offerings together with Office 365 Government provide the most complete cloud for U.S. government customers.

It’s an intuitive platform enabling IT departments, developers and end-users to create a more simple, powerful, and modern government. We simply cannot do it justice here on our blog. Check out the solution yourself at Azure.com/gov.

How is “Dwolla for Government” involved?

Microsoft Azure is just one of the many adapted products and services being offered exclusively by Microsoft for government—all of which enable a more modern government. That’s where we come in.

Governments, like everyone else, have payment problems. Manually processing checks are costly, prone to error, and can have long wait-times attached to them, which slows down everything for everyone. For state and local taxpayers, using credit or debit cards, although convenient, comes with an astronomical price tag that we, the taxpayers, pay directly. These inefficiencies and costs add up to the tune of billions of dollars each year.

Paradoxically, most government agencies and departments we talk to do not have access to the budget, time, and resources needed to improve their payment operations. Let’s face it, traditional payment processes are hard enough to understand, let alone complicated, expensive, and cumbersome to replace. This has led many in government to deprioritize the modernization of their existing payment operations for “higher priority” items—despite electronic payments’ proven return on investment.

The modernization of government technology paves the way for a huge opportunity for the future of government payments. Together, Dwolla and Microsoft work to create and distribute custom “Dwolla for Government” products and services that solve real problems for all levels of government. Dwolla is the only payment partner to date.

Dwolla’s government customer data will be hosted on Azure’s specialized servers. This will be done free of charge and without any additional considerations or actions by new, or existing, Dwolla government customers. Think of it as an added bonus to doing payments with Dwolla.

Why Dwolla?

In looking for partners, Microsoft searched for government-provided services that put citizens first, proved sustainability, enabled government workers to leverage the smartest technology available, and had solutions that would last far into the future.

For its part, Dwolla has been helping governments address many of the usual adaption dilemmas—strained budgets, legacy systems, or low resources—for nearly two years. Dwolla was selected for its simple smart bank transfers, low-cost transactions, and dynamic APIs.

We also have a proven track record in the modernization of payment operations for state, local, and—soon to be announced—federal governments. For example, The Iowa Department of Revenue has seamlessly replaced its manual check operations, improved productivity and fulfillment times of tax stamps. Meanwhile cities, like Evanston, Illinois, are collecting municipal fees with our custom turnkey checkout solution, Form Builder, and government vendors, like IowaTaxAndTags, are saving citizens tens of thousands of dollars each year in card processing fees. Our easy to integrate and low-cost solution even allowed the Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles to bring part of its payment collections online for the first-time ever. We replace excuses with smart government. Simple as that.

More on Dwolla for Government

  • No-tech to high-tech options: Our simple (and free) tools, like Form Builder or payment buttons, or high-tech options, like our APIs or SDKs, make collecting and sending payments easy for a government of any size. Additional levels of support and customization are available and affordable.
  • Benefits of online: Paperless processing, automatic email receipts, and real-time notifications reduce manual errors and improve timely payments.
  • Bigger savings, bigger revenues: With our no-to-low cost transactions (25 cents or free), affordable setup, and amazing customer service, Dwolla ensures that you’re not only saving taxpayers money, but also saving them headaches.Dwolla fees
  • Convenience taxpayers expect: Our simple experience is easier and cheaper than mailing a check. Simply click, verify, and send a payment directly from your bank account in minutes.
  • New ideas on security: Dwolla does not provide bank or card information to recipients (or senders). By eliminating the need to collect such sensitive financial information, Dwolla offers citizens and governments a safe processing that reduces the liability and costs typically incurred by taking such information.

Are you a local, state, or federal government interested learning more about the smart way to collect revenue and issue disbursements with Dwolla, let us know: dwolla.com/government

DMACC partners with Dwolla to accept online donations

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again—Iowa continues to be on the forefront of innovation. Whether it’s the continuously developing startup community or the state government’s willingness to replace old and inefficient processes with new technologies, Iowans are not afraid to embrace new ideas.

Today, we have an exciting new partnership to announce.

Iowa’s largest two-year public college, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), will be accepting contributions to the DMACC Foundation through Dwolla.

This makes DMACC the first college to accept Dwolla for donations via their website.

To make a contribution, supporters can simply visit the DMACC Foundation homepage to initiate a donation from their Dwolla balance, or from their bank account with Dwolla Direct.

By adding Dwolla as a payment option, DMACC is not only making it easier for their donors to give, but also helping to maximize donations received. With Dwolla, contributions aren’t lost in a mess of credit card fees. All donations received are free if under $10, and only 25 cents for all donations over $10.

“DMACC is proud to be the first college in the nation to use Dwolla’s payment option for contributions to the DMACC Foundation. Dwolla’s payment option not only makes contributing to the DMACC Foundation easier, but the fees associated with the Dwolla network are considerably less than that charged by credit card companies. We are excited about the potential of this new partnership.” – DMACC President Rob Denson.

For those wanting to give to the DMACC foundation, it’s an easy choice. Pay with Dwolla instead of a credit card, and help the foundation keep more of its contributions.

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