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Lucktastic: A daily game for mobile rewards and prizes

What if free games were delivered electronically to your phone every day, and you were able to win real prizes and rewards? Sounds a little too good to be true, huh?

Well, consider yourself lucky, because Lucktastic does just that.

Screen shot of Lucktastic game

Brought to you by the folks at Jump Ramp Games, these guys have been breaking the mold when it comes to mobile gaming, and have picked up a great team of investors along the way, such as Soft Bank Capital (notable investments include BuzzFeed, OMGPOP, WebMD and more) and Thrive Capital (Codecademy, Fab, Warby Parker.. and us).

By simply bookmarking Lucktastic on your phone, you’re increasing your odds of winning. If you’re not winning cash, then you’re winning tokens and unlocking rewards. You can then use these tokens for games that pay out higher amounts and enter contests that giveaway things like HD players and iPods.

And now, you can exchange tokens for real money, as well as cash out your winnings with Dwolla. 

Dwolla Lucktastic Promotion

With Dwolla, there is only a $1 minimum that you must win in order to cash out, and money is delivered quickly and securely to your Dwolla account (there’s a $5 minimum to cash out with check, and a 5-7 day wait time for the check to arrive).

Not only is Lucktastic fun and slightly addicting (you may find yourself playing over your bowl of cereal every morning), it’s completely free, which also means risk-free. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Are you feeling lucky? Start playing games on Lucktastic today!



Photos and a recap of Dwolla’s 2nd anniversary celebration

We had a blast this weekend celebrating our 2nd anniversary – thank you to everyone who came out to support us!

The Meetup

Once again, Vaudeville Mews graciously hosted our meetup and we packed the place to capacity. A huge thank you to them, their sound team and bartenders for hosting us. Joe Crimmings was on hand taking pictures, you can view most of them on our Facebook page.

All attendees were given a brand new Dwolla T-shirt designed by our own Jeremiah W. and printed by 8|7 Central (modeled by a few members of our NY team above).

We also had some great companies that came out to demo their innovative new products. Lucky us, they all have Dwolla integrations! We highly suggest you check these guys out:

  • Koala Pay – A deals and rewards program for Dwolla merchants and customers.
  • Allowd – Have employees use sub-accounts to manage Dwolla transactions, without sharing your company login info.
  • Change – A POS that’s integrated with Dwolla, allows for push notifications to customers.
  • Derby Jackpot – Place bets online on horse races all across the country.

The Old MacDonald Hackathon

We had a BLAST at the Old MacDonald Hackathon. The hacking began at 9am on Saturday morning and didn’t stop until 12pm on Sunday. The Derby Jackpot guys came all the way from New York City to throw us a party on Saturday evening at Johnny’s Hall of Fame, which continued late into the night at the Dwolla offices.

Check out this picture Brittany M. of Silicon Prairie took of Gary Chou and myself winning $100 each on the most epic horse race of the night.

A special thank you to:

The Sponsors:

The Food Vendors:

Behind-the-Scenes Players:

Overall Hackathon Winners

Cow (1st place) – Paper Digital Money

Brad D. | Kevin S. | Katelyn L. | Eugen B. | David Z.

Print digital checks when you need real money. By visiting their website, you can determine the amount of money you’d like to embed in a QR code and print it out. Scan once, and the money is sent directly to your Dwolla account and the code cannot be scanned again. Their presentation included hiding paper money around the room in plastic eggs (did we mention that they are the creators of the popular game, Hatchlings?) and letting the people who found them redeem them for instant cash in their Dwolla account. We’ll be featuring these guys in a post later this week to dive into just how Paper Digital Money executed their idea and where they want to go with it in the future.

Pig (2nd place) – Finale

George S. | Ryan S.

This team came to us all the way from San Francisco and built a restaurant app that fixes the pain points of the traditional checkout experience. QR codes will be printed on receipts, and customers will be taken directly to a checkout screen once scanning the code. Submit your payment and you’ll be asked to provide feedback on specific menu items and service in general.

Rooster (3rd place) – Rent Pony

Chris L. | Albert T. | Chris M. | Igor K. | Andrew E.

This team built a platform for landlords to manage all of their properties, communicate with tenants via Twilio’s API, and send requests for rent from tenants. They can easily track who has and who has not paid. They also have a talented designer that showed off her skills by transforming Dwolla employees into ponies.

The “Best of’s”

Each of the following in our “Best of” category received $100 gift certificates to Omaha Steaks.

Best Presentation – Dwollet

Jessa S. | Shawn S.

The mint.com for Dwolla accounts. Track your spending, set budgets, categorize transactions easily with Dwollet. If you get close to maxing out your budget in a particular category, the row will turn yellow. If you’ve hit your budget or gone over, the row will turn red. The ability to send payments from the Dwollet platform is also available.

Bet API Mashup – Stepping Samaritan

Shane D. | Cliff B.

Walk for a cause, and trigger a donation with Dwolla after each mile!

People’s Choice – Paper Digital Money

Brad D. | Kevin S. | Katelyn L. | Eugen B. | David Z.

(Also 1st place winner)

Omaha Steaks’ “Most Delicious” – P2P Books

Josh L. | Andrew R. | Skylar N. | Jeremiah W. | Yas K.

A marketplace that helps you save money while exchanging books, P2P Books is a better way for selling and buying textbooks amongst your peers.

Best Actual Business – Iowa Tax & Tags

Drew M. | Shea D. | Nick S.

Statements include a QR code that, when scanned, takes them to a payment screen where they can quickly and easily pay their taxes. Don’t pay the hefty credit card processing fees that are passed on to you, pay with Dwolla and be charged at most $0.25.

Best Photo – Aaron H.

Burning the midnight oil: programmers working late into the night, hacking their projects.

Honorable Recognition

Derek A.

No need for smartphones – send Dwolla payments via SMS text message.

Dwolla Here
Brett N.

Receive push notifications from Dwolla merchants to pay with Dwolla. This eliminates the need to search for the establishment, just click on the notification, type in the amount you owe and PIN sign the transaction.

QR Invoice
Chad B.

Use vector quality QR codes to accept Dwolla payments. Use dynamic and static QR codes to do things such as send invoices and send to your Dwolla landing page (Hub page).

Thomas H.

Create a cause that needs to receive donations and share the URL requesting donations.

Christopher W. | Patrick C. | Arthur D. | Michael O. | Christopher V.O.

A Facebook application that allows you to manage group bill payments.

Thank you again to all of those who came out to help us celebrate!

best photo
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 11.04.52 AM
hackathon winners
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 12.25.51 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 4.22.03 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 4.23.41 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 4.25.14 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 4.26.47 PM
Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 4.29.52 PM


Connecther sponsors Girls Impact the World Film Festival, over $20k in prizes

Every once in awhile we come across a project that really resonates with us. Connecther would be one of those projects.

Connecther provides a crowdfunding platform for nonprofits that are focused on aiding women and children in the quest for self-relience and ending global poverty. The ability to browse for nonprofits by geographical location, cause or project on the platform makes it simple for people to choose a project that really moves them, and to donate or make a pledge.

Connecther has recently partnered with the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative (SIC) to sponsor the Girls Impact the World Film Festival. High school and undergraduate students are encouraged to submit 3-5 minute short films that address global women’s issues, such as maternal health, violence against women and girls, or education.

“I remember the first time I saw an article that pinpointed the 10 worst countries for women to live.  Places with rampant violence against women.  Places where up to 90 percent of women are illiterate.  Places where women are subjected to rape and child-marriage and women die in large numbers because of lack of adequate healthcare.  It’s just horrifying.  Connecther.org & Girls Impact the World are ways to communicate the challenges that women and girls face globally and to try to find solutions to those challenges.” – Lila Igram, founder of Connecther.org

If you’re a student filmmaker who can shed light on some of these pressing women’s issues, you have until January 10, 2013 to submit your video. The videos and winners will be presented at the Girls Impact the World Film Festival (a red carpet event) on Harvard’s campus on February 23, 2013. The festival is awarding over $20,000 in prizes, as well as an internship opportunity at Creative Visions in Los Angeles.

Want to contribute to the Connecther cause? You can do so easily via their HUB page, as well as via credit card on their site.

We’re all for innovating around here, and Connecther is blazing a path for connecting women’s rights groups, activists and donors in a way that makes the world that much more of a safer, more welcoming place for women.

©2018 TransSwipe


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