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New Dwolla Apps for Android, iOS, Windows

While we’ve been cranking on products and partnerships that are bringing us closer to our mission of providing real-time payments, removing friction from our own network, and helping businesses replace their checkbook operations, we’ve also stayed focus on improving usability and making our network more accessible when on the go.

Today, we’re excited to announce completely redesigned mobile apps now available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store.

Check out what’s new:

  • Touch ID support to confirm sends (iPhone 5s and newer).
  • Clean new user interface
  • The ability to deposit and withdraw funds from connected bank or credit union accounts.
  • The ability to select your bank account or Dwolla Credit as a funding source.
  • Review your transaction history on the go, including status, date, time and notes.
  • Find businesses within 5 miles that accept Dwolla on the Near Me map.
  • Fulfill requests received from other Dwolla members.

So, what does it look like?

Find businesses within 5 miles of you that accept Dwolla, using the Near Me map:

Dwolla Mobile App Location

Transfer funds between Dwolla and your bank account anytime, for free:

Dwolla Mobile App for Adroid

Easily review your detailed transaction history, on the go:

Dwolla Mobile App for iOS

Quickly pay or fulfill requests received from other Dwolla members, using your Dwolla balance, your bank account, or Dwolla Credit as a funding source:

Dwolla Mobile App for Android

While this is just the first phase of revitalizing the Dwolla mobile apps, we’d like to welcome anyone with feedback and feature requests to submit them to the Dwolla Discussion Forum, or to shoot them over to support@dwolla.com.

All of the previous and outdated Dwolla apps, including Dwolla Android, Dwolla iOS, and Dwolla Kiosk, will be retired and replaced with their more functional, and beautiful, successors.

Big thanks to the Myriad Mobile team for helping us get these apps updated and out into the wild.

Want to start building with Dwolla?

Maybe you want to build the next generation of checkbooks? Or how about the new mobile e-invoicing platform? The sky’s the limit with our developer docs and mobile SDKs. Learn more here.

Yes Virginia, There is a Merchant Cash Advance Mobile App

Ho ho ho, download the mobile app. Did you know that DailyFunder, the official merchant cash advance social network has a free app available in the iTunes and Android App store? Cool right? Literally thousands of people in the merchant cash advance, alternative business lending, and payments industry visit DailyFunder.com every month. Many access it […]

Mobile Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs

Here at Dwolla, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of entrepreneurs. These are the people who inspire us to keep building, to create solutions that they can use to send and receive money more efficiently, while cutting costs on things like high processing fees.

In this guest post, James Carson talks about a growing group of innovators called “mobile entrepreneurs.” James got his business degree at an Ivy League school, and he’s spending his summer on the East Coast writing about small business news.

Many Smart Phones with Apps on Touch Screens

Right now, the buzz word in entrepreneurship is mobile, with more and more business owners deciding to switch operations from the standard setup to one more flexible. This growing trend is reflected heavily in popular culture, with such shows as “Dog Whisperer,” “My Cat From Hell,” “Eat Street” and “Yard Crasher” providing excellent examples of the many ways in which independent types can launch their own mobile businesses.

Food Trucks

Prospective restaurant owners often hold plenty of talent but lack the business know-how and necessary funds successfully to run traditional dining establishments. If you have a knack for food preparation but find financial circumstances or time constraints barring you from restaurant ownership, you might want to consider getting in on the trend of the food truck market. Exempt from many of the expenses and regulations that plague traditional restaurants, food trucks offer customers tasty, but affordable meals. Many have gone gourmet, serving everything from Thai fusion to like bison burgers. Keep climate and regional demand in mind as you consider opening a food truck because some localities are far more profitable than others.

RV Spas

Home and work-based massage services have been in operation for years now, but several innovative individuals have taken the concept a step further with the development of RV spas. Based in the surprisingly spacious quarters of recreational vehicles, these mobile spas offer the ultimate in convenience, eliminating the drive required for a traditional appointment and the cleanup necessary for home-based spa appointments.

Pet Care

Rasertech.com highlights “Dog Whisperer” as one of the popular shows to feature a mobile business. Of course, not everyone has the animal psychology know-how to work as a dog whisperer, but there are plenty of other options for those who do well with animals. Since many dogs and cats get nervous in unfamiliar territories, mobile groomers can make the cleanup process easier by traveling to the home of the client.

Nutritionist and Fitness Expert

Obesity rates continue to rise, indicating that Americans are more in need of expert nutritional advice than ever. But patients living in rural areas often have to travel long distances in order to meet with nutritionists for what often amount to half-hour sessions. If you’re an expert in nutrition or fitness, you may be able to take your valuable knowledge on the road, traveling to homes to show clients how they can set up their kitchens for healthier eating.

If there’s a silver lining to the current economic environment, it’s that it has spurred many talented individuals into pursuing their passions through the opening of mobile businesses. Whether you groom pets, prepare meals or give massages, your abilities can be translated into a profitable venture. It’s up to you to make the first step!


Introducing new improvements to search

With Dwolla, you can send or request funds by email, social network, and even a physical location, and all for free or just 25 cents. That’s simple.

But, we got to thinking: wouldn’t it be nice to send money to one another with just a name?

Dwolla users can now search other Dwolla users by name.

This opt-in only feature allows other Dwolla users to type in your name or business, and easily send or request funds. And because it works exactly the same as normal payment methods, like Dwolla ID or email address, no bank account information or Dwolla activity is ever disclosed to the sender or receiver.

A few scenarios where this might be helpful:

Trying to pay for your children’s daycare from Dwolla.com? Don’t ask for their Dwolla ID anymore, just use the name.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.43.16 AM

What if I need to pay Albert for that freelance job he tackled for me in New York? Easy.

Screenshot of Dwolla search functionality on iPhone

Want to cut a check to your grandson in college? (Note: I am not a grandpa, nor is Ian my grandson)

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 9.42.46 AM

Want to buy me a coffee?

Screenshot of Dwolla search functionality on iPhone


Getting paid is now as simple as sharing your name.

How to turn it on?

To allow others to search for you, you must enable the feature by changing your settings in the Enable/Disable Features tab on Dwolla.com:

Enable search in the enable/diasble features tab

*A few items

  • To become searchable, a user must opt-in. We will not do it automatically for you. Your privacy is important to us.
  • Like all Dwolla transactions and payment flows, this will not disclose any sensitive account information or activity of either party. This is just another way Dwolla is making it easier to find and move funds within the system.
  • Are you a developer? Search has also been updated in the API, so if you’ve included contacts_search in your app, Search has already started returning these results.

This is a critical step in laying the groundwork for future innovations inside Dwolla. Keep your feedback and suggestions coming.

As always, we build what you ask for.


Temboo: The Library of Congress for APIs

This series, Integration Highlights, is a collection of entrepreneurs and projects that are using Dwolla to provide their users with new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Building apps can be a real headache. Authenticating, managing credentials, and performing the API calls that come along with an integration can be cumbersome and a real time suck.

Temboo helps developers build awesome apps by simplifying app development with their cloud SDK. They build smart shortcuts, actual processes ready for your use, that developers can drag and drop into their code. These are shortcuts are called Choreos (choreography), and the Temboo library currently has over 100 of them for popular APIs (including Dwolla). Choreos can be run in your browser or simply download the Temboo SDK and put them to work right in your code. On top of giving you the building blocks, Temboo operates in several languages: Java, Node.js, PHP, Python or Ruby.

Temboo has a few Dwolla Choreos, currently for Balance, Contacts, FundingSources, Transactions and Users. We’re pretty pumped to have made the library, as we think that this service totally rocks. Other API’s in their extensive library include YouTubeTwitterStripeTwilioMailChimpDuckDuckGo and much more.

For developers, this is going to make app development and authorization a piece of cake. And for beginners, it’s a walk in the park compared to striking out on your own.

So next time you set out to build the next great app for finding local organic cheese shops that you can pay for via your phone while kicking off a video of you eating your Gouda to Twitter and/or Facebook, consider Temboo to skip the headaches and save a truckload of time.

Integration Highlight: iWantPlanet + iWantPlaces

This series, Integration Highlights, is a collection of entrepreneurs and projects that are using Dwolla to provide their users with new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

iWantPlanet and iWantPlaces are solutions that work for both the user and business, respectively. For users, they can search for stores, place orders, and get order status notifications, all from within the app. For the business, iWantPlaces offers a platform to list their inventory, share promotions and allow customers to order and purchase merchandise.

For Users

Users can search for stores by the payment methods that they support, as well as genre. This can range from burger joints to eyewear stores. You can also find businesses by proximity to your physical location.

When you’ve chosen a business, you can browse their merchandise through pictures, descriptions and ratings by other iWantPlanet users. Once you’ve decided on a product, you can choose to pay in app via Dwolla or PayPal, as well as choose the type of delivery or pick-up that you would prefer.

Pretty cool huh?

For Businesses

For the merchants, iWantPlaces looks and functions as a merchandise showcase and a complete POS system.

Let’s take a look at how this appears on the iPad.

Using the POS, you can easily choose which products you are going to need to cash out for your customer.

Within the merchant app are statistics on things like top sale items, sales reports, tax reports, and order time frames. It also includes the ability to send out promotions to current and potential customers.

And simplicity is key. Your payment options can easily be enabled through the general settings in your account.

We get PUMPED when companies integrate our API into their products, and we want to thank iWantPlanet for integrating our network into their beautiful solution. To everyone else – keep them coming! Email us at communications@dwolla.com if you’re building something you’d like to see us highlight.

©2018 TransSwipe


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