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Marketplace Jane.com uses Dwolla’s API to send payments to merchants

Jane.com Blog Header

Boutique marketplace Jane.com leverages Dwolla’s API to power ACH payments to its booming merchant base

Started only four years ago in founder and CEO Mike McEwan’s home, Jane.com quickly grew from a boutique daily deals marketplace offering just one deal per day, to 50+ team members managing and promoting over 200 deals a day. In the last three years, Jane.com has seen an explosive 18,787% sales growth. This fall, the company was ranked #11 on the Inc. 5000 list, as well as the #1 fastest-growing company in Utah and the #1 fastest-growing retail company in the country.

Built from the ground up, Jane.com is as much a technology company as it is a marketplace for boutique clothing and accessories. Jane.com keeps most business operations in-house, from feature and platform development to marketing campaign creation and execution. However, without the time to build its own payments infrastructure at a pace the market demanded, Jane.com partnered with Dwolla to help facilitate the disbursement process to its rapidly-growing merchant base. Jane.com tapped into Dwolla’s API to integrate a programmatic ACH payout solution that complimented its existing platform.

“We’ve seen exponential growth, from facilitating deals for our growing business customers to managing the increased consumer traffic to our site, and Dwolla has handled disbursements for our platform every step of the way. Not only was their API easy to integrate, but they’ve scaled and innovated alongside Jane.com to offer the powerful and flexible bank transfer solution we need.”

Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane.com


As customers purchase goods from the boutiques, payouts to the merchants are automatically queued on the backend, where they are then reviewed and approved by a controller on Jane.com’s team. This light-touch and streamlined disbursement process allows Jane to focus more resources elsewhere in the company.

This week, Jane.com launched a new registration and ACH payouts flow for some of its merchants, leveraging the Dwolla White Label integration. Jane.com can now brand the end-to-end experience, from account creation to payment notifications. This provides a seamless and customizable onboarding experience, and allows Jane.com to service larger partnerships that may have been road-blocked by the previous flow.  

“Dwolla White Label is essential for us to re-open and attract new conversations with larger clients who required a more seamless onboarding experience. With only three endpoints and a webhooks integration, Jane.com was able to build a lightweight ACH solution in 14 days that allowed us to control the experience for our merchants end to end.”

– Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane.com

Have questions about how Dwolla can work with you? Contact us.

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An ACH Payouts Solution for Marketplaces

Marketplace Payouts with Dwolla

The problem: You’re a marketplace that needs to make several hundreds of payouts to your merchants or service providers—but it has to be easy to manage financially and technically.

The solution: A full-stack ACH payments solution, free of a per-transaction fee that can be integrated quickly. 

When shopping around for a payments solution there’s lots to consider, from ease of integration and commitment of developer time to cost of use and functionality. As you hunt for the perfect payments product for your marketplace, several questions will crop up. Here are some things to consider:

A white label payouts solution

Wait—what’s a white label payouts solution?

Simple, Dwolla White Label allows you to make payouts using the Dwolla API via ACH transfer, but the payments maintain your branding. You get the power of Dwolla’s technology with the look and feel of your site.

White Label allows you to make payouts directly to bank accounts.

If you’re a consumer-facing marketplace, you’ll need to continue to accept credit card payments, there’s no way around it. However, where Dwolla fits is as a solution for payouts to your merchants and providers on the backend.

You’re not paying a fee per transaction, send funds as frequently as needed

Every line item matters when running a business; the most efficiently run operations account for every expense. Unlike credit card payments, with varying percentage-based fees and costs per transaction, your budget can have consistency with Dwolla.

With no fee per-transaction, pay a flat rate each month based on your use case, and make managing monthly business expenses far more simple—no more calculating and speculating based on percentage points.

Get built-in fraud analysis + more

When implementing a new payouts solution, there are two paths:

Option 1: Build it yourself from scratch. You’ll end up building a solution that costs your business hours of valuable development time, as well as money. You also risk getting caught up in red tape and compliance frustrations (that we’ve already worked through).

Option 2: Integrate with Dwolla’s solution. Our API leverages Dwolla’s existing infrastructure—bank partnerships, real-time fraud analysis, communication protocols and more—to get you up and running in a few weeks.

In an industry that’s moving quickly, building every element of your payment gateway is simply not feasible. Integrating Dwolla’s White Label offering gives you that tailored solution, your brand, your look, but with support at your back.

 Collect a fee for your payouts

Earn revenue for each payout by leveraging our facilitator fee feature, and simplify splitting payments between you and your providers.

You can slice and dice the facilitator fee in several ways. Make it a fixed rate based on each payout or collect your payment based on a percentage of the transaction. You programmatically set parameters for transactions within the API.

A full-stack solution

From our flat fee structure to easy implementation, Dwolla White Label makes sense for marketplaces:

  • Payouts are easy and feel like your brand
  • Costs are straightforward and simple to manage
  • Our facilitator fee makes it easy to collect your profit

If you’re looking to get started or have some questions, we’re more than happy to answer.

Contact the Dwolla team

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