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SmartNest, Helping Property Managers Become More Effective

Property managers have to juggle a lot of moving pieces, and as their business grows so do the challenges of maintaining a smooth running operation. One platform was developed with this exact challenge in mind—SmartNest.


SmartNest is a platform for property managers to run and regulate their day-to-day activities, from maintenance concerns to scheduling. Most notably SmartNest is making rent collection a breeze by integrating Dwolla into their system.


Property managers have long been fans of Dwolla, and SmartNest has built the perfect solution to facilitate these rent payments.

“We wanted to move property managers away from the traditional check and save them valuable time. It also benefits to residents whom our clients manage, they can manage their rental affairs from the comfort of their own home. Finally, with Dwolla, our property managers are able to check on the status of their account and make sure they’re up to date. ”


 – George Mynatt, SmartNest Co-Founder

By SmartNest integrating Dwolla into their system, they were able to improve the overall experience for their users. Convenience became a hallmark. Paying immediately and online with Dwolla reduced the delay in tenants’ payments—no need to even get off the couch—and landlords were freed up to manage other aspects of the business, outside of a complicated rent collection process.

Breaking down the benefits:

  • Save time by eliminating checks
  • Improve accounting processes with online ledgers
  • Know when the rent payment is on its way with the pending transactions tab
  • Allow renters to schedule a their monthly payment with a Dwolla account
  • Give the clients the options they want


SmartNest was able to bring Dwolla to their clients, and was pleasantly surprised to find the integration and adoption process to be hassle-free. SmartNest, with a user-base of varying age ranges, understood that concerns may come up.

“When there was a question about integration, Dwolla had the engineers to provide support seamlessly—a positive experience. And SmartNest, with the Dwolla team, made it easy to educate and work with the property managers. To put it clearly, once people saw how easy it was, they were excited.


– George Mynatt, SmartNest Co-Founder

Providing property managers safe and secure tools to help manage their business is a must. For SmartNest, Dwolla was a clear choice. Rent is no small expense, so promoting a percentage based payment platform like credit cards to increase user convenience wasn’t a logical option. Collecting rent online with Dwolla just made sense.

Interested in using SmartNest to Manage your properties? Shoot an email to support@dwolla.com or leave a comment below and we’ll reach out to you!


Introducing Dwolla Direct

Checkout with Dwolla Direct in just a few clicks, no Dwolla account required.

At Dwolla we are always looking to create new ways to make payments faster and easier, not just for our customers but for all customers. We believe speed and convenience aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Dwolla Direct, a new payment experience that allows individuals or organizations to send money to a business directly from their bank or credit union without requiring an existing Dwolla account or linked bank. That’s right, with Dwolla Direct you don’t have to have a fully registered Dwolla account to use the networkand most users won’t even need to provide their routing or account numbers to make a payment. We offer a streamlined process that can instantly verify bank information and allow first-time users to make a payment in as little as 15 seconds.

securely send online bank transfers with Dwolla

We believe sending money shouldn’t require gambling with your sensitive account information. Using Dwolla Direct is like putting a username and password on your checkbook. Your sensitive account information is never sent to the receiver of your payment, and you have a digital receipt of the transaction. No more checks lost in the mail, no more exposure of your personal financial network. Plus, you can reuse your username and password to send payments any time. No more re-entering your payment information. Leave the checkbook in the drawer and say goodbye to the postman, Dwolla Direct has you covered.

What does this mean for our users?

Nothing. All of our “no-tech” payment tools, like Form Builder tool, shopping cart plug-ins, invoicing options, and Dwolla Buttons, as well as our Off-site Gateway API, will automatically update on June 25th. We’re announcing it today to give our businesses and merchants time to understand the improvements.

How does it work?

Create a username and password, authenticate your bank credentials, and you can complete your payment directly from your bank. It is as simple as sending a check, but with the visibility, security, and speed of a digital payment.

Send online payments without a Dwolla account

Dwolla’s mission is and has always been to build the ideal way move money. For us, this means making payments seamless, safer and less expensive.



Make Money Online with CashCrate

This is part of a series called “Integration Highlights.” In this series, we highlight entrepreneurs and projects that use Dwolla to create new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Share your opinions and earn money online with CashCrate – a site that makes it easy to earn extra money by completing surveys and product tests. CashCrate connects companies (from Microsoft to Snuggle Fabric Softener) looking for product feedback to their 4.5 million+ users, and has paid out millions of dollars to their members since its inception in 2006.

And now you can earn cash simply by choosing Dwolla as your payout option!

CashCrate Benefits of Dwolla:

  • Get paid a $.50 signup bonus for registering for Dwolla.
  • Get paid a $1.00 bonus on your first cash out with Dwolla.
  • Available as first payment method (no first check required).

Read more about the benefits of the integration on the CashCrate blog.

If you’re not already – head over to CashCrate and sign up today to start making money online.



10 Most Innovative Dwolla Integrations for Small Businesses

10 most innovative Dwolla integrations

Over the course of my career at Dwolla, I’ve been amazed at how many talented individuals and companies have used Dwolla’s API to build beautiful products that help small businesses achieve more in affordable ways. Here are some of our favorite products built for small businesses (both online and brick and mortar) that have integrated Dwolla:



FreeAgent provides you and your business with everything you need to keep track of finances, such as estimates, time tracking, invoicing, expense reporting, banking, accounting and taxes. Perfect for freelancers, FreeAgent cost a flat $24 per month, which includes unlimited everything – invoices, contacts, upgrades and support.

Loyalty Rewards Programs

Koala Pay

Koala Pay helps merchants turn sales into cost-effective, social and even profitable campaigns. They’ve created a service that runs on top of Dwolla payments and lets merchants create and reward their customers with gift cards, discounted items and giveaways.

ION Rewards

A program that not only rewards your customers for doing business with you, but also rewards you for signing up your customers. Customers can use credit cards, cash and Dwolla, but earn bonus ION points when using Dwolla.

Gift Card Services


GiftRocker makes it easy for businesses to sell digital gift cards through their website, Facebook or in-store on eco-friendly paper. This makes it simple for companies that can’t afford the costly, traditional plastic cards. GiftRocker offers a mobile wallet for both businesses and their customers, and can be used to sell tickets to events, prepaid packs, promotions, and more.



Create sub-accounts for your employees and give them as much (or as little) access as they need to your company’s Dwolla account. Allowd lets merchants control what each employee has visual access to, giving them the ability to verify Dwolla payments on behalf of the merchant without sharing login credentials to the company Dwolla account.

iWantPlanet + iWantPlaces

With iWantPlanet, customers can search for stores that accept the payment methods they want to use. You can browse through pictures of merchandise, descriptions and ratings from other iWantPlanet users. On the merchant side, iWantPlaces looks and functions as a complete Point of Sale (POS) system. Within the merchant app are statistics on top sale items, order time frames, sales reports, tax reports and more. It also includes the ability to send out promotions to current and potential customers.

eCommerce Payment Gateways

Spreedly Core

Spreedly Core has built a payment platform designed specifically with merchants and developers in mind. By supporting over 45 different payment gateways, from the likes of .Net to Braintree, Spreedly Core is on its way to becoming somewhat of a super gateway to accepting payments. Spreedly Core supports Dwolla as a payment option, right alongside gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Retail POS Services


Change is a POS system built for the iPad. It’s ideal for small, independent businesses: coffee shops, bars and quick-serve restaurants. Growing businesses look to Change when they want to upgrade their POS without upgrading their bill each month. Did we mention that they have a beautiful, seamless Dwolla integration?


retailcloud provides owners and managers a single sign-on to access, control and update all aspects of running a retail business, like daily analytics, real-time inventory tracking and, of course, the POS. retailcloud supports paperless receipts, a Google Shopping integration, cross/up-selling capabilities at the register, and a Dwolla integration.

Affiliate & Referral Programs


Ambassador is a slick platform that allows business to track social interaction and offer incentives to those already loving your business. Ambassador payouts are a piece of cake with Dwolla – not having to live with the restrictions of percentage-based fee models opens up an opportunity to make a lot more money for ambassadors.



P2P: The Next Big Revenue Opportunity For Banks

This past fall, Dwolla partnered with one of the leading mobile banking service providers, mFoundry, and their mobile banking product, Fin.X


Your phone has become your record player, your music store, your concert hall. Your phone is your newspaper, your magazine, your access to world-renowned research. It’s become your map, your movie theater, your physical trainer, your post office.

As you know, it’s also become your bank, your ATM, your check, and the way you pay rent, a friend, or a business.

No industry is left untouched.

Dwolla is re-imagining a payments network built using 21st century technology and the internet, providing access on both the web and your phone.

Dwolla will join mFoundry in hosting a Webinar: “Mobile Peer-to-Peer: The Next Big Revenue Opportunity.”

During the webinar, we’ll cover why mobile P2P is critical to staying relevant, growing revenue and creating customer satisfaction. With P2P payments expected to grow to an $80 – $120 billion market by 2014, it’s more important than ever for banks to act now.

According to a study by AlixPartners LLP, 39% of consumers today say that having a mobile offering is “extremely important” or “important” in their decision to switch primary banks. Juniper Research recently reported that the number of people using their phones for banking purposes will grow to 590 million in 2013 and will exceed 1 billion by 2017.

“The ability to access banking information and make transactions ‘whenever you want’ and ‘wherever you are’ is a compelling proposition to most banking customers.” – Juniper Research

The Dwolla and mFoundry partnership will enable banks to:

(1) offer a P2P payments product powered by Dwolla,

(2) offer a convenient mobile payment solution powered by mFoundry’s Fin.X,

(3) boast real-time usability by your customers,*

(4) deliver all of this to the market very quickly,

(5) reduce administrative and operational costs,

(6) enjoy new security layers, compliance measures and data points,

(7) launch a new revenue stream by monetizing the service, and

(8) gain a long term innovation partner with Dwolla.

*We say “boast real-time usability” above because it truly is a unique offering. When banks partner with mFoundry and Dwolla to offer a very competitive mobile P2P solution, they have the incremental opportunity to leverage Dwolla’s FiSync technology – a real-time gross settlement API. This means they can move money from one bank account to another, in real-time, even between different banks, without using any of the existing systems, networks or resellers.

If you are a financial services professional:

Join the Webinar.

Please join us as we discuss the next steps that you can take to make sure that your bank or credit union stays relevant in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society.

If you are a banking customer:

Help us by answering this question in the comments: Would you switch financial institutions if you could do more with their mobile banking app?

AskYourUsers.com: Turning LinkedIn users into micro-consultants

This is part of a series called “Integration Highlights“. In this series, we highlight entrepreneurs and projects that use Dwolla to create new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 11.42.14 AM

There’s a new way to make money on the side, and it’s as simple as having a LinkedIn profile. AskYourUsers.com turns your account into a micro-consulting gig, by fulfilling 15-minute jobs from companies looking for quality feedback on their brand, product or a new feature.

How it works: for Individuals

Simply visit AskYourUsers.com/microconsultants and sign up with your LinkedIn profile. Set your pay rate, and you will be emailed jobs as they pertain to you. Enjoy anonymity as your personal information and picture will be redacted during the selection process. Complete a job and get paid by your client.

The part we’re stoked about? When you earn money on AskYourUsers, you can get paid out via Dwolla, the fastest way to receive payment on their platform.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 8.53.51 AM

Professionals, sign up on AskYourUsers and get started on your new side career as a micro-consultant.

How it works: Getting feedback

Companies no longer have to spend a budget-destroying sum on focus groups. With AskYourUsers, you can tap into a network of vetted professionals to receive affordable, high-quality feedback on the projects, designs, or ideas you care about. It’s simple to set questions and tasks, gaining feedback on your brand, a specific feature, usability testing, etc.

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 12.44.37 PM

You can set up your job in three simple steps:

  1. Create the questions or tasks you’d like your micro-consultants to complete.
  2. Pick the type of people you want to complete your task. You can target a specific age, gender, income, industry, etc.
  3. Confirm and pay.

Got an idea, product, or design you need vetted or tested? Create your very first job today and start receiving quality feedback from professionals.



HopeMob: Crowdfunding to change lives

Posted in Blog, crowdfund, donate, featured, give, hope, hopemob, integration, Integrations, mob, nonprofit on December 20th, 2012

This is part of a series called “Integration Highlights“. In this series, we highlight entrepreneurs and projects that use Dwolla to create new experiences, ideas and possibilities. This is the story of HopeMob and how they are revolutionizing charitable giving. Enjoy!

HopeMob brings strangers together to provide help for those who need it the most, one story at a time. These stories are submitted by users, often calling on the HopeMob’ers to rally around a story and “mob” them with support.

Stories like Anna, who needed a lung transplant to survive, and Kaelyn, who was sent an iPad and hearing aids to help her overcome profound hearing loss. More recently, HopeMob asked its community to support families affected by the Connecticut tragedy, and to cater meals to the Sandy Hook fire and police departments.

After HopeMob’s initial launch in April 2012, the community exploded to over half a million users in just 6 months, but so too did the amount of incredible, heart-breaking stories. They continue to welcome all people and all causes, while remaining the only fee-free platform that covers the transaction fees on all donations, guaranteeing that 100% of your donation reaches its intended destination.

The beauty behind HopeMob is that it’s fueled by people just like you, coming together to change someone’s future for the better. By offering incredible support to one story after another with donations, awareness and volunteerism until each hits their goal, HopeMob continues to be one of the most effective nonprofits in the world.

Here at Dwolla, we’re honored to be able to help HopeMob collect donations for their stories, and to help them change people’s lives. So go, celebrate the season of giving by lending your support to the mob of hope, and transform the holidays for someone in need.

donate with dwolla button

It was so nice, we think we’ll do it twice!

Last night’s event in NYC with our friends Derby Jackpot was so much fun, we are going to do it all over again in DSM on Saturday night!

The NYC team had a holiday party last night with our friends, Derby Jackpot, and the NY tech scene. Derby Jackpot recently integrated Dwolla as a method to get money in and out of their platform – and to show it off we rented out a sports bar and turned it into a real-time horse race betting parlor.

This weekend Dwolla is hosting our 2nd anniversary meetup, a hackathon, and now announcing that we are going to have the same party in DSM that happened in NYC! Our friends from Derby Jackpot are coming to town and we’re hosting a Dwolla + Derby Jackpot party at Johnny’s Hall of Fame on Court Avenue from 6-8PM. You are all invited, just RSVP.

Derby Jackpot is the only online, social, and legal betting site in the US and, even though it’s still in closed-beta, their team is opening up the horse race betting fun to everyone coming to the party.

We’re upping the ante, too. Anyone that comes to the Johnny’s with a Dwolla account (you can create one here) and a Derby Jackpot account (you can request one here) will get a free $10 to bet on horses and buy drinks.

When: Saturday, December 1st at 6PM – 8PM
Where: Johnny’s Hall of Fame, 302 Court Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50309
What: Free $10 to bet on horses, drink alcohol (over 21+ only), and hangout with the DSM tech scene.

RSVP: Dwolla + Derby Jackpot Des Moines Party

Here are some great photos of last nights event. See you Saturday at Johnny’s Hall of Fame!

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.08.15 AM


FreeAgent: Super-simple online accounting software

This series, Integration Highlights, is a collection of entrepreneurs and projects that are using Dwolla to provide their users with new experiences, ideas and possibilities. You can find this story and others on Dwolla’s Pinterest board. Enjoy!

FreeAgent, a UK-based online accounting software company, has arrived stateside and it’s packing Dwolla. FreeAgent provides you and your business with a service that includes everything that you need to keep track of your finances, such as estimates, time tracking, invoicing, expense reporting, banking, accounting and taxes. Their focus is on keeping numbers clean, simple and affordable for small businesses and freelancers, and now they’ve made it possible for your invoices to be paid via Dwolla.

FreeAgent is out to make accounting sexy again, or at least not such a pain in the neck. Your information is kept safe with bank-level security and data protection. You have an easy-to-read dashboard that brings all of your finances into one place, as well as free support and regular software upgrades. And you’ll never miss a payment again with the ability to export your key tax payment dates to your calendar.

Cost? A cool $24 a month includes, well…EVERYTHING. Unlimited invoices, contacts, upgrades and support.

Here at Dwolla, we’re pumped to be integrated with such an innovative company such as FreeAgent. We’ve had demand by small businesses and freelancers everywhere to integrate into accounting software, and now we’re baked into one of the most respected online accounting services available.

©2018 TransSwipe


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