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Sending ACH payments programmatically through an API

What provider offers the best way to send ACH payments programmatically through an API?

Automation is prized—the more you effectively automate, the more you can reduce errors and ensure efficiency and accuracy. Better yet, successfully automating a process can free up a ton of time, so you can focus on different tasks and optimizing every aspect of your business.

A process prime for optimization and automation is payments, specifically payouts.

We are (or should be) far beyond writing paper checks—a process that costs businesses about $13 billion annually or $7.15 per check. Additionally, payouts via credit cards can unleash painful hidden fees or added costs, making it scary if you’re not in constant manual monitoring mode.

However, programmatically sending payments via the ACH network has proven effective and efficient for many businesses.

Automate payments via ACH

The best provider for programmatic payments isn’t always the cheapest. You’ll want to consider:

  • Ease of integration
  • Cost per transaction
  • Quality of API support

Ease of integration

How quickly and easily can the new API be implemented to deliver payouts programmatically? If a solution has a cumbersome, clunky or outdated API, then it’s not worth the investment of time and money to integrate. Even if this solution proves to be the least expensive upfront, that doesn’t mean it will provide the same return on investment.

Your developers’ time is worth money. That’s imperative to understand (and respect). If your team is busy updating or reintegrating a payments API that’s constantly in-flux, then you’re wasting time and money.

Dwolla-white-label-ach-apiDwolla has a future-proof technology stack, but don’t take our word for it…the proof is in the integration. Enter, Popular Pays. Popular Pays was able to integrate Dwolla’s new White Label receive-only functionality in two weeks with one developer. A major hallmark for their choosing Dwolla’s White Label ACH APIs over the other competitors was RESTful API that could scale quickly and automate an ACH transfer process for both their accountants (overseeing company payouts) and contractors (receiving payment directly to their bank account).

Cost per transaction

After exploring options for programmatically sending ACH payments, you’ll quickly realize the trend. Most options charge you a per-transaction fee. This per-transaction fee can be burdensome, a punishment for high usage on your platform. Every payout means another fee.

Instead, Dwolla’s partners enter into a custom contract for use of the ACH APIs, based on monthly pricing.

Quality of API support

Payments can be a confusing field to negotiate—lots of players and regulations involved. You’ll want a partner who understands the ins and outs of the industry and can provide insight into how you’re performing therein.


Dwolla does this in a few ways. First, we walk through your integration to help you ensure you’re meeting our requirements; you’re not left in the dark, guessing. Second, once in a White Label contract you have access to an account manager as well as an integration specialist. If something comes up that poses a question, simply shoot it our way and we’re happy to help.

Third, Dwolla’s API allows for real-time status updates. These updates and insights into transactions allowed one rental management platform to decrease time spent on manually processing reversals by 90% while simultaneously improving transaction-related communications.

Perhaps the cherry on top of the Dwolla’s API is the Dashboard and Admin, an intuitive interface for managing payments and customers. When you’re sending thousands of payments programmatically, the dashboard beautifully tracks and graphs that progress along the way.


If you’re ready to automate another process and start sending payments programmatically, give us a shout.

Interested in learning more? Contact Dwolla

Financial Savings Platform Uses Dwolla API for In-App Bank Transfers

What if growing your savings account was as easy as putting a little cash away each time you made a purchase? Or, what if you could automatically save for a discounted gift card to a retailer you love so you could make guilt-free purchases while getting a great deal?

It’s all possible—it’s as simple as signing up for EarnSmart,and linking up to 10 of your debit or credit cards to the platform. From there, EarnSmart handles the saving so you don’t have to. EarnSmart1 (1)EarnSmart keeps track of your purchases and initiates a transfer each day toward your EarnSmart pot (in amounts of 50¢, $1, or $2 per purchase), pooling your funds until you reach your goal. Of course, if at any time you want to withdraw your funds back to your checking account, you are able to.

Zoomed in User ProfileEarnSmart was excited to deliver an easy way to contribute to savings goals, regardless of whether you’re saving for a weekend getaway, some new clothes or shoes, or just the ability to feel okay about buying your latte every morning. However, it didn’t want to reinvent the wheel by building a payment network from the ground up. That’s where Dwolla’s White Label API came in.

“Before building the application we did some market research and it became very apparent that no one is interested in signing up for a savings tool, designed to improve your money habits, that charges a fee. This meant that EarnSmart needed to find a safe, secure, payments platform that didn’t bankrupt the company on ACH transfer fees. Dwolla white label was the perfect solution. Using the Dwolla ACH API we were able to complete the application build significantly faster than if we had built an ACH solution in-house, and Dwolla’s focus on security and compliance gives us peace of mind as we execute transfers on behalf of our customer base. Effectively, Dwolla white label delivers the exact solution we needed with a cost structure that works for our business.“

Johnny Van Siclen, EarnSmart Founder & CEOJohnny-Van-Siclen-Headshot- black and white

EarnSmart gathers customer data and verifies their bank account independently of Dwolla’s bank account verification solution, but then passes the verified information to Dwolla via the API and to mark as a verified bank account.

The end-user simply agrees to Dwolla’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which is done by checking a box at Partner account registration or they’re appended to EarnSmart’s Terms of Service. This helps facilitate a frictionless end-user experience, never requiring the customer to create and link a separate payment account.

EarnSmart User Profile

EarnSmart then utilizes Dwolla’s White Label bank transfers API to send automatic transfers from a customer’s checking account to their EarnSmart balance to contribute to savings.

Dwolla was a good solution for EarnSmart because its users are able to hold a balance in a white label capacity. When the user requests the money be withdrawn to their checking account, Dwolla is able to push the funds back to their account. And if they have chosen to cash in on a retail goal, EarnSmart is able to complete that transaction on their behalf.

EarnSmart was able to focus on the product and service that it wanted to provide its customers, while incorporating its ideal and seamless payment flow. By leveraging webhooks via our API, EarnSmart is able to send branded communications to its users about their account and transaction status changes.

Dwolla White Label provides the bank transfer functionality that other applications or services can bake into their platform in a way that doesn’t distract from the service they’re providing. If your service needs help with payments, please reach out and we’d be happy to help you.

Interested in improving payments?

We’ll help you design your ideal payments experience.


Thank you

A Dwolla representative will reach out to you within one business day.


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Custom transaction limits and next day transactions for your users

Get paid more quickly with Dwolla NextDayWe understand that not all businesses are created equal and that each has different needs. Whether it’s faster processing times or higher transaction limits, we are here to help you design a payment solution tailored to your business.

For approved partners, as part of a paid white label solution, Dwolla can enable those sending you funds to send up to a custom amount for each transaction and/or have those transactions process the next business day.

This allows users sending to an approved partner to bypass Dwolla’s $5,000 per transaction limit for personal accounts and $10,000 limit for business or nonprofit accounts. This also speeds up transfer times for transactions destined for an approved partner’s Dwolla account to  one business day, instead of the standard 3-4 business day bank transfer processing time.

Partners that benefit from raising the per transaction limit on transactions destined for their account are those that need to regularly move large sums of money, such as investment platforms facilitating transfers from investors to development projects.

Partners that benefit from increasing the standard bank transfer processing times of their users are those that frequently receive many payments, such as property management platforms receiving transfers from tenants each month.

If your platform facilitates high dollar or a large volume of bank transfers, you need a payment platform that doesn’t hinder, but supports the way your business operates. Contact an integration specialist today.

Get started with your own integration

We’ll help you design your ideal payments experience.


Thank you

A Dwolla representative will reach out to you within one business day.


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Common White Label Bank Transfer Integration Questions

1 . What parts of Dwolla do my users need to interact with?

For most of your users, we will require that they accept Dwolla’s terms of service and privacy policy when they create a customer record. However, since your customers will create their records within your interface, you can do this in a few ways. The Dwolla TOS and privacy policy language can be accepted in a separate flow or in a combined flow with your own terms of service when they are completing record creation.

Exception: White Label Receive-Only Customers

Customer records created in a receive-only capacity (they will never need to send payments), will not be required to agree to Dwolla’s terms of service or privacy policy, but you will need to add a few lines of Dwolla-provided language into your TOS to give us authorization to originate payments on their behalf.

2. If my user has a Dwolla account, does that affect my WL integration?

If you have users that already have pre-existing Dwolla accounts, they will not be affected when becoming White Label users of your application. We have built our White Label solution in a way that keeps partner integrations and their corresponding ecosystems separate. However, if you are a current Dwolla partner with a pre-existing user base built on Dwolla, we have a way for you to programmatically transition customers over to your White Label application.

3. Do I have to send emails to my customers when I facilitate payments?

In most cases, we require that you send emails to your users in regards to their payment status. For users that are verifying their financial institutions using our micro-deposit or instant account verification software, as well as those that will be sending funds in your system, we require you to put in place email communications that satisfy Reg E and other regulatory requirements. Sending these emails is not only legally required but also an essential part of providing quality customer service and establishing valuable touch-points with your customer. Design the tone, look and feel of your emails in a way that accurately reflects your brand, while leveraging our webhooks to send these communications automatically.

4. What kind of reporting do I get?

We have an extensive series of webhooks that you can utilize to pull your own custom reports. We are actively in development of a dashboard for White Label partners in which reporting on customers and transactions will be displayed, so stay tuned.

5. What kind of information do I need to collect from customers?

For customers that will be sending funds:
At a minimum, you will need to collect the customer’s full name and email address. You also will need to verify customers’ bank accounts. We provide both instant account verification (IAV) and a micro-deposit method for verifying bank accounts within our White Label solution.

For customers receiving funds only:
At a minimum, you will need to collect the customer’s full name, email address, and a parameter of “receive-only.” You will connect a bank account associated with that customer by providing both account and routing number.

What if I want to use my own bank verification software?

The Dwolla White Label API is flexible and works easily with other software providers you may already have in place. If you have established your own bank verification software, such as Plaid or Yodlee, you can utilize their services to verify bank accounts instead of implementing our bank verification processes. However, we will ask to see evidence that this software is in place and being utilized appropriately.

Integrate our White Label payment solution right into your own platform’s user experience, and start facilitating bank transfers to, from, or between your users. Contact us today and let us help you design a payment solution that fits your needs.

Get started with your own integration

We’ll help you design your ideal payments experience.


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Programmatically transition customers to a white label application

Our white label services have been an ever increasing focus for us as businesses continue to find more and more ways to innovate with it.

As more white label partners come online we’ve heard two things loud and clear:migration-tool-icon-for-blog

  1. Businesses that built their customer base/partner base using Dwolla’s branded solutions and upgraded to white label want to make the transition easy.
  2. Businesses building white label services who want to make it incredibly easy for existing Dwolla users to create accounts on their white label application.

The migration tool solves for this problem in an incredibly straightforward way. As a white label partner, you request access from the Dwolla account holder and an OAuth token is generated. You then create a customer in your white label application with that token. Here is an example:

POST /customers HTTP/1.1
Host: api-uat.dwolla.com
Accept: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json
Content-Type: application/vnd.dwolla.v1.hal+json
Authorization: Bearer pBA9fVDBEyYZCEsLf/wKehyh1RTpzjUj5KzIRfDi0wKTii7DqY

  "accessToken": "xOWs8wRvsDEylKglN8Mr6FuhABYpssvME5pL9FTFKeEBBEmhtP"

Easy as that. With the account holder’s permission they will be migrated to your white label application as a customer and with a few clicks, they’ll be enjoying the experience you create.

The migration tool is a free addition to any new white label package. If you’d like documentation or would like to get started with the migration, send us a contact below:

Reach out now:

We’ll help you understand how to get going with White Label.


Thank you

A Dwolla representative will reach out to you within one business day.


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Get to market faster with Dwolla’s bank transfer API

Invest in an integrated payment solution for your platform that allows you to maintain control of the customer experience, while reducing your compliance and processing headaches.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 1.06.22 PM

Retail marketplace Jane and mobile fintech app Sweep.co were faced with a number options when selecting a solution that addressed their unique ACH processing needs. Ultimately each elected to go with Dwolla’s feature rich, easy to integrate API for one overriding reason: time to market. In addition, each placed a premium on controlling the payments experience through Dwolla’s white label service and valued Dwolla’s guidance in managing the compliance requirements. Both Jane and Sweep are able to achieve funds transfers via a trusted partner, allowing them to focus on their core business.

The same rationale applies to anyone who is looking to transfer funds electronically.  Whether you’re looking for a straightforward disbursements solution or a more holistic, end-to-end payments experience—including instant bank verification and managing compliance requirements—Dwolla’s robust payments platform allows you to facilitate payments from, to, or between your customers.

Phase 1 – Funds transfer wrapped inside of 4 endpoints

We took a phased approach to the latest version of our API. The first phase allowed platforms to process bank sourced transfers in a white label capacity, and in many cases, not requiring re-collection of the customer data already on file. It’s a perfect solution for payouts, an integration consisting of only 4 endpoints.

“We’ve seen exponential growth, and Dwolla has handled disbursements for our platform every step of the way.”

Mike McEwan, CEO of Jane

Phase 2 – Customer verification

At the completion of phase 1, moving money was limited to the receipt of funds by a customer—a perfect use case for disbursements. The second phase extended the current, phase 1 customer onboarding flow. Now, with the same #customers endpoint, we were able to provide our partner with an automated identity verification solution, accounting for the CIP data elements required for both customers sending funds and allowing a customer to hold funds.

“Dwolla was able to offer the exact service our customers wanted whereas traditional financial institutions either didn’t understand how to do this or couldn’t move fast enough.” 

Jackson Gates, CEO of Sweep

Phase 3 – Bank verification

The third phase focused on bank account verification. We released Dwolla.js—a powerfully simple integration that partners can leverage to embed an instant account verification process within their platform, or securely collect account and routing numbers. With Dwolla.js, sensitive customer financial data never touches a partner’s servers. All this, in a few lines of code.

We are never done. While we continue to migrate additional functionality over to the white label experience, such as an improved mass payment flow, we ask that you provide feedback and suggestions on the v2 Dwolla API.

Is navigating the complex world of building your own payment platform pushing your launch date back? Let Dwolla help you get off the runway.

Get started now.

Contact and integration specialist

Introducing Dwolla white label (for payouts)

Dwolla White Label DescriptionComplex regulations, banking relationships, compliance requirements, and security precautions are just a few of the 1,000 cuts facing businesses and platforms attempting to build an infrastructure to access the U.S. payment system.

So we thought, why not use our infrastructure?

We’ve moved billions under our brand, now it’s your turn.

white-label-icon-orange-150x150The new white label APIs will leverage Dwolla’s existing infrastructure—our fraud analysis, bank partnerships, real-time fraud analysis, communication protocols and more—while maintaining your brand’s look, feel, and name on end-user interactions. This functionality will provide platforms a powerful, flexible, and custom ACH infrastructure at a fraction of the cost and time.

Four endpoints, one powerful ACH payout solution

Today’s release allows platforms to send ACH payments without requiring the collection of new information from existing customers—simply use the data you already have. It’s a perfect solution for payouts.

1. Create a customer record 

2. Attach a funding source to a customer record

3. Create a transaction to the customer record above

4. Check transfer status

Dwolla offers a range of webhook subscriptions, allowing you to check the status of an individual payment and initiate automated actions, like custom email notifications

How to get it

As part of our Custom Package, there are no individual transaction fees or percentages—regardless of how many times you, your business, or your application transfers money. If you’re a developer and want to see how it works in a test environment, or if you’re a business looking to learn more, click on the button below.

Learn more about white label


Pay directly to bank accounts with Dwolla’s white label

Dwolla white label for business

With our latest pricing launch, we also announced the coming of a new Dwolla improvement—white label.

Our white label solution allows you to do a very simple thing: make payments.

Businesses, merchants, financial institutions, and government agencies at all levels have come to know Dwolla as a feature-rich payment platform that emphasizes security, efficiency and simplicity. This ranges from a proprietary real-time transfer protocol to the ability to disburse thousands of payments with a single request, and as of last Thursday, the unprecedented removal of a per-transaction fee.

However, Dwolla also required those businesses and agencies’ customers to create an account with Dwolla in order to use the platform. Where this works for many, we’ve also heard a reluctance of many when asked to introduce another brand to their payment experience.

It’s your customers who cost you real dollars to both acquire and establish trust in your brand. They are willing to give you their money, and we appreciate that came with a lot of work. In response to this feedback we’re introducing a payment experience that allows you to retain control of the end-user experience you have carefully considered, measured, and improved upon over time.

With Dwolla’s white label service, you can integrate our suite payment tools into your service while maintaining the ability to customize the end user experience. A big advantage as well: when using Dwolla’s white label service there’s still no 25 cent per transaction fee.

Here’s a taste of what’s included with white label:

  • Branding control. You’ll be able to transfer funds to your customer’s bank account using the Dwolla platform, without sacrificing your end user experience. You’ll manage communication with your users and appear on your customers’ bank statements.
  • Integration support. We’ll work hand in hand with your team to get things up and running smoothly.
  • Dedicated customer support for your business. White Label comes with white glove support.

If you’re interested in white label for your business we want to hear from you. Hit the button below and send us a note, or if you prefer phone give us a ring at 888-289-8744, Ext 4004.

White Label Button

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