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Local Non-profit Taps into Dwolla Recurring Payments

Eat Greater Des Moines Non Profit Uses Dwolla

The best part of releasing product updates is seeing them put to use, out in the wild, within our community. That proved especially true for our recent launch of improved recurring payments.

With the new recurring payments set up, you can now schedule a recurring payment to start and end on a specific date, or to end after a certain number of completed transactions. Just set it and forget it.

CSAs are a good example of a subscription-based service well suited for online recurring payments. Dwolla has, and always will, love CSAs. Now, with the improved recurring functionality, CSAs love us back just a bit more.

Take for example, Eat Greater Des Moines.

Eat Greater Des Moines is an Iowa non-profit working to identify, develop and connect resources with the broader community to support the entire food life cycle in Central Iowa.

They’re more than just a CSA; they serve as a system to improve sustainability. Not just limited to veggies, Eat Greater Des Moines partners with local food providers and businesses to connect resources with the community.

Another fact of Eat Greater Des Moines: they’ve been asking us for improved recurring payments.

The primary use Eat Greater Des Moines sees with Dwolla is as a recurring payment service for their Local Food Box program.

This program is an employee perk, empowering businesses to offer healthy, locally-sourced alternative food options to their employees on a regular basis. Each week, a new box with new holdings is sent out, and each week the employee must make their payment, while the business contributes a portion to the cost of the share.

Recurring payment for subscriptiong

With Dwolla’s improved recurring functionality, customers can set up their local food box payment to occur on a weekly basis without the stress of remembering to log in and send the funds, and with the variety of scheduling options, customers get a payment system more tailored to their needs.

“This new option allows customers to set up their start and stop dates for recurring payments which works ideally with our Local Food Box since they are purchasing the box on a weekly basis and are able to skip a box or more when they are on vacation, etc.”


Linda G.
Eat Greater Des Moines Food Systems Coordinator

The freedom from waiting to set up a payment each and every week provides customers the comfort to plan in advance. In Eat Greater Des Moines’ case, if a customer knows they’ll be on vacation and won’t need their regularly scheduled box, they can simply set their payment to stop before they head out. Upon their return, they can set up that payment again.

“We like this feature because customers have the ability to schedule recurring payments—it allows more efficient management of their payments and it potentially increases the likelihood of their fulfillment. If the process is easier and it helps the customer stay on top of their recurring orders, it makes a more satisfied customer who will continue to buy through our program.”


Linda G.
Eat Greater Des Moines Food Systems Coordinator

Our more flexible, functional recurring payments process eases the stress for Eat Greater Des Moines and its customers. Learn more about setting up a recurring payments for your business here.

3 Ways Dwolla works for non-profits, as told by our users


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.50.20 AM

$228.93 billion—this is the amount of money contributed to non-profit organizations by individuals for all of 2012. That’s a hefty chunk of change; it paints a picture of the willingness people have to share and make an impact. However, every dollar donated is not necessarily contributed to developing the mission of a non-profit.

Why not? It depends on the payment method. Donations to a non-profit can be made a myriad of ways: check, cash, credit card.

Here’s the problem, when you donate to your favorite non-profit with a credit card, they’re losing out due to percentage-based processing fees. Those fees add up, and subtract from the organization’s donation pool. Alternatively, if you choose a check, money is lost in the form of materials, processing, and administration costs [see full infographic].

The solution—choose a payment method that allows the non-profit to keep more of their contributions. Here are four reasons why Dwolla is an ideal payment solution for non-profits, as explained by some of our current members.


Next to no fee


As we outlined above, the total amount of donations raised take a huge hit when those payments are made with credit cards. With Dwolla, it’s easy. Our fee is flat and low, just 25¢ per transaction or free for transactions $10 or less.

We chatted with Orangutan Outreach about their use of Dwolla with campaign fundraising, and here is what the founder said:

“We use Dwolla to raise funds. It’s an option for existing and potential donors to provide funds with next to no fee. As a charity we always want to keep our expenses to a bare minimum—and this is especially true for banking and credit card fees, which can get exorbitant.

Our donors love the fact that when they send us funds through Dwolla, only 25 cents gets taken off the top and the rest comes to us. This is a stark contrast from sites like PayPal and other payment portals. We’d love for all our donors to use Dwolla.”

orangutan outreach

There’s room to seamlessly integrate

If the non-profit you represent or support needs a custom payment tool to help with additional tracking or information gathering, Dwolla is easy to integrate with (just check out our guide to getting started with the Dwolla API).

Our Developer Support team has built out an extensive list of libraries and documentation to get your programmers started building the perfect tool for your non-profit.

“When there was a question about integration, Dwolla had the engineers to provide support seamlessly—a positive experience. And SmartNest, with the Dwolla team, made it easy to educate and work with the property managers. To put it clearly, once people saw how easy it was, they were excited.“ – George Mynatt, SmartNest Co-Founder

There’s an easy way to collect money AND information

One of our most valuable tools for donation collection is Form Builder.

Why? Form Builder allows you to do more than collect funds. With this powerful low-tech tool, your non-profit can add in text entry fields, drop down boxes, etc. Collect all the information you need from your donors on the same page they make a payment.

It’s also a great tool if there isn’t a website for the non-profit, as Form Builder can easily serve as a portal for donation collection.

“When Dwolla first announced Form Builder, I took a few minutes to build a donation form and without really publicizing it, we had several people make their donations with Dwolla and save us the credit card processing fees. What normally would have cost us $30 in fees to accept $1,000 in donations only cost us $0.50 with Dwolla. That just means more money going to those charities that we support!” — Aaron Horn of Beat Cancer Today

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.48.30 AM

Learn more about Dwolla for non-profits today.



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