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Accepting Church Donations, How Glad Tidings Church Brings Convenience to their Community

Glad Tidings Omaha

Whether paying a small business, a sports league or a property manager, customers want the convenience and option to pay online—that even holds true for churches. Glad Tidings Church, a church based in Nebraska, is an ideal example of accommodating this expectation of convenience.

Glad Tidings is a multicultural church with weekly attendance around 1,800. They pride themselves on their diversity with over 50 countries represented from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Their mission is simple: make their message as an organization inviting and accessible to everyone.

Part of that accessibility lies in Glad Tiding’s ability to understand and fill their community’s needs; they listen and adjust. Sometimes adjustment involves posting a video newsletter, or in this case, it involves integrating an online payments option.

Read More: 3 Ways Dwolla Works for Nonprofits, As Told by Our Users

In the past, if Glad Tidings accepted a donation they expected to lose about 2.7% of each donation. This adds up quickly, but doesn’t have to be case—nonprofits don’t have to provide convenience at the cost of contributions.

Glad Tidings’ goal was to make it as easy as possible for people to pay online through their website, with as small of fee as possible. While some church members were already Dwolla users, most were not, so the method for making a payment or giving a donation had to be simple with an easy signup, registration and giving process otherwise, people simply would not use it.

“Our first introduction to Dwolla was through a member of our church who wanted to give online but didn’t want the church to incur payment fees associated with credit card payments. We were using another credit card payment solution and while we didn’t immediately switch to Dwolla, we became increasingly aware of their success stories and improved tools for giving.


As we become more familiar with Dwolla, we grew to appreciate their mission and goals in providing payment processing.”


Nicholas Petersen, Communications Director

After understanding how Dwolla would fill their needs, Glad Tidings began the process of integration.

Glad Tidings Dwolla Integration


With the help of the Dwolla Devangelists, Glad Tidings created their own custom form fields to capture the information they needed, and through Dwolla’s open API they could connect their form fields to the Dwolla processing fields. They built both a beautiful and effective solution.

Now, users can select the amount they want to give, designate where their gift goes and leave notes or a message with their gift right within the Glad Tidings website.  Once the donor clicks submit, they are directed to Dwolla to confirm their gift and finally redirected back to GladTidingsOmaha.com for confirmation of their giving.

Dwolla for Donations Integration

With a fully integrated—and very stylish—solution, Glad Tidings Church has been able to provide the convenience their users expect, without losing valuable donations to credit card fees.

“Our primary use is for people giving weekly or monthly donations through our website. People can also use Dwolla to make payments for mission trips and events that have costs associated with them.”


Nicholas Petersen, Communications Director

For a church, or any non-profit, every penny is critical to growing the cause. For Glad Tidings Church, they were losing more than pennies to their online credit card process. Switching to Dwolla has helped changed that, cutting out percentage-based fees and accommodating a new integration.

Integrating Dwolla into your online platform is easy. To get started head to the developer portal or reach out to developer@dwolla.com. If you’re a nonprofit that wants to accept donations via Dwolla, learn more here

A Q&A with Orangutan Outreach, a Dwolla Nonprofit

The number of nonprofits doing impressive, impactful things never ceases to amaze. Our blog has featured health organizations, educational endeavors, as well as local events. Today we’re excited to feature something less expected—the Orangutan. This post comes as a Q&A with Richard Zimmerman, Founder and Executive Director of Orangutan Outreach.


Orangutan Outreach’s mission is to protect orangutans in their native habitat while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans until they can be returned to their natural environment. The outreach  promotes public awareness of orangutan conservation issues by collaborating with partner organizations around the world.

What inspired it the founding of the outreach?

I’ve loved orangutans my entire life and have spent hundreds of hours watching them in zoos. About ten years ago I learned how perilously close they were coming to extinction in the wild, and I found myself unable to sleep.

These innocent beings were—and still are—being killed in the thousands as their habitat is destroyed and converted into oil palm plantations. I founded Orangutan Outreach because I felt that I had to do something to protect them.

At the time, in 2007, I was working for UNICEF and the big buzzword following the Asian tsunami was ‘outreach’. I realized that this was exactly what the orangutans were lacking— Outreach! My background was in web development so I was able to quickly get a website up and running and start fundraising for orangutan rescue projects.


Can you tell us about the team supporting Orangutan Outreach?

Our core team is small—basically me and a bunch of volunteers scattered all over the world. Our strength is in our partnerships. We work with lots of wonderful organizations in the field who manage the orangutan care centers, organize rescue & release teams and carry out local outreach programs.

What Orangutan Outreach is able to accomplish, primarily through social networking, is providing information about orangutan conservation to donors and connecting them to projects. We function as a virtual organization that is able to pipeline desperately needed funds directly to orangutan projects in the far reaches of Borneo and Sumatra.

Talk us through some of your programs…

We have quite a few ongoing initiatives and collaborate with a lot of zoos and sanctuaries. Our orangutan conservation work focuses primarily on what we call the 3 Rs: Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release.

We work with partners in Borneo and Sumatra who have teams that rescue orphaned orangutans as well as orangutans who are trapped in certain areas of forest. Releasing orangutans is our ultimate goal— getting them back into the wild where they belong!

Just to give you a bit of background, the majority of our work involves raising funds to care for orphaned baby orangutans. The relationship between an orangutan mother and her baby is incredibly close—closer even than the bond between human mothers and their children. The are two main culprits to the orphanization of orangutans go hand-in-hand: deforestation and palm oil.

Much of our on-the-ground efforts now also focus on a 4th R– Reaching Out or Outreach.

Together with partners in Borneo and Sumatra we are focusing on education and awareness programs in local villages and schools so that the people living in or around orangutan habitat will learn to love the orangutans and protect them.

The MOM Campaign is going on its 8th year. Dozens of zoos and sanctuaries in North America participate, as well as some organizations globally. Orangutans in zoos are perfect ambassadors for their wild cousins, so the campaign allows us to raise awareness of the plight of orangutans among the millions of people who visit the zoo on Mothers Day.

Another of our ongoing programs is Apps for Apes. We provide gently used iPads to orangutans and chimps in zoos and sanctuaries for enrichment and mental stimulation. This is especially valuable in the winter when the apes often spend the entire day indoors in their sleeping area.

A lot of our current outreach activities are in Borneo and Sumatra. We partner up with local organizations who go to villages and schools located in and around the forests where orangutans live. Basically we are reaching out to the local people to get them to care about orangutans and to protect them.

OrangutanOutreach-BOS-cinta What’s one of the biggest challenges you face in your efforts?

The biggest challenge we face is simple awareness. Orangutans are far away, on the other end of the earth, in a place that many Americans have not even heard of, let alone locate on a map. Indonesia is huge and its forests are the equivalent of the Amazon in their scope and value.

Fortunately, we find that when people become aware of the dire situation that orangutans are facing, they want to help. 

They can donate via Dwolla and adopt orangutans, or they can join us online and share our message with their friends!

Finally, how do you use Dwolla in your Nonprofit?

We use Dwolla to raise funds. It’s an option for existing and potential donors to provide funds with next to no fee. As a charity we always want to keep our expenses to a bare minimum—and this is especially true for banking and credit card fees, which can get exorbitant.


Our donors love the fact that when they send us funds through Dwolla, only 25 cents gets taken off the top and the rest comes to us. This is a stark contrast from sites like PayPal and other payment portals. We’d love for all our donors to use Dwolla.

It’s quick and easy, you can’t beat the flat 25 cents fee. All that money saved means more money for the orangutans… and they need it a lot more than than the banks and credit cards do!

Help StudentRND bring tech to students, #giveDecember


StudentRND Logo


It’s the season of #giving. Be it your time, your energy, or your money, there’s always a way to give back. In the past we’ve challenged you to contribute to worthy causes like HackNY  and inCOMMON with #giveDecember. This season, we’d like to bring your attention to a new cause and their year-end fundraising efforts, StudentRND.

This nonprofit is the driving force behind programs like CodeDay. CodeDay and StudentRND’s other workshops aim to not only get students excited about coding, but helps them form meaningful relationships through education. At these events, thousands of students develop leadership, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Bonus: the experiences StudentRND brings to kids across the country is in perfect alignment with the government’s STEM initiative.

“StudentRND believes in investing in the technologists of tomorrow. Our programs are proven to increase gender diversity in tech and provide leadership and social opportunities for young people interested in technology. An investment in StudentRND is an investment in these young people and in the future of the tech community at large.”

– Brett Neese, StudentRND

Giving to StudentRND means:

  • Providing more tech opportunities for students in non-tech hubs (like Des Moines, IA)
  • Empowering and enabling young people to explore, learn and think outside the box
  • Increasing diversity in the local tech community with educational programs like Labs, PreCode and CodeTalk
  • Enabling StudentRND to bring more CodeDay events to cities across the country on a larger, grander scale

CodeDay StudentRND

With a goal of $10,000, StudentRND is calling on you to help support their mission. Learn more about their end-of-year fundraising efforts or click here to donate now.

Interested in learning more about StudentRND? Read up on the organization in TechCrunch.


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