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Build a Cocoa app to keep a watchful eye over your Dwolla balance

Dwolla Balance Checker

This week, in the Devangelist kitchen, we whipped up a simple app that’ll keep you updated on the money you have in your Dwolla account.  The Dwolla Balance Checker lives in your status bar and refreshes every minute with your current balance, so you’ll always be aware of your wealth (or lack thereof).  This is an open source project so you can check out the code here. Feel free to fork it or use it as reference.

Getting started with Cocoa development can be daunting due to the scarcity of tutorials that walk you through building your first application.  Of the few tutorials that do exist, almost all of them were written years ago, tailored for out-of-date software like Mac OS X 10.3 and XCode 3. Official developer documentation is of course available and up-to-date, but it’s far too wordy and involved if you’re looking to build a simple application like the Dwolla Balance Checker. If you’re the type that learns by getting your hands dirty, you’ll need only a brief and practical familiarity. Some of us just need a simple, straightforward tutorial so we can build a simple, straightforward app.

Though we had to suffer through the darkness of outdated resources, we decided to make it easier on the next developer seeking step by step instructions to building their first app.  We wrote a tutorial to help those looking to get started building Cocoa applications in XCode 4 for the latest version of OS X.  You’ll learn how to build a Cocoa app from scratch and utilize our Objective-C API wrapper.  We’ll explore the usage of Xcode’s Interface Builder to design an application’s UI and how it’s connected to your code.  Basically, you’ll find everything we wish we had when we started out on the project.

The best part?  You won’t end up with a useless Hello World demo.  You’ll end up with something that’s not only simple to understand, but more importantly… useful!

Check out the tutorial.  If you’d like to give the product a spin, grab the compiled app (Mac OS X only).

To use the compiled application:

  1. Extract the .zip archive and drag the resulting application to your Applications folder.
  2. Generate an OAuth token here and save it in Preferences:
  3. You’re all set!  Hit refresh to see your balance.



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