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Brand new Dwolla API docs!

Dwolla API Docs

A few months ago we discovered TripIt’s awesome documentation framework, Slate, and fell in love with its style, ease of use, and transparency. Since then, we’ve been rewriting our developer documentation, and now we’re excited to launch the new Dwolla API docs, powered by Slate. The endpoint documentation has been removed from our Developer’s Portal’s sidebar, and any existing links now redirect to the new docs.

Check it out!

Screenshot 2014-10-20 16.33.47

The new setup features a single page document with a really slick UI. Table of contents are always available on the left hand side, so you can easily jump to a different section at any time.

The right hand side contains code samples for each of our four API libraries: dwolla-ruby, dwolla-php, dwolla-node, and dwolla-python. It’s also responsive, so you can view it from mobile devices.

It's responsive!  Hooray!  Browse from your smartphone.

Our documentation is open source and lives on GitHub Pages. Because of that, you are able to see all the changes we make to the documentation by simply viewing our commit history.  If you spot an error, feel free to leave an issue and/or a pull request.

Let us know what you think—we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.  Post a comment in our forum or email us at devsupport@dwolla.com.

(We’d like to publicly thank TripIt, @robertlord, major contributors @chrissrogers, @bootstraponlinesaucelabs for sponsoring the project. And thank you to all other contributors. You rock!)

Now Live: The Integration Portal

Posted in API, api doc, Blog, dev doc, developer, integration, Integrations, portal, Tech on July 10th, 2012


First things first, if you’re a developer, I highly suggest you check out this dev blog post on http://dev.dwolla.com/. This post is meant to be more of an introduction of sorts for all of our non-technical business development, product and design friends looking to learn if a Dwolla integration is right for their company, app or project.

One of the most beautiful and powerful things about Dwolla is its web-driven and open structure, or its ability to play nicely with a host of other Internet technologies. Bundled into a series of accessible end points, Dwolla’s network and technologies are available to all in what’s called an API, or Application Programming Interface (great explanatory video of open vs. closed for us laymen). This API allows the network to connect to social platforms, plug-in to existing software and embed itself into new applications. It’s what makes Dwolla compatible with the 21st century and is what’s fueling a lot of our growth.

Today, our API is getting a new home to lay its head and rest its feet. Introducing, the Integration Portal. Best thing? It’s designed with two kinds of users in mind, the non-technical and the technical.

Why do this? One of the biggest misunderstandings about API portals is that their purpose is only for developers. That’s just not true. Integrations start with a spark of curiosity, “Would this work for my company?” Technical or not, who asks that question is irrelevant at that point; how it’s answered is what determines the outcome.

It all starts by inferring one simple question: Do you code?

“I can <code>” takes you to our new and improved developer playground. Clicking “I don’t code”  won’t teach you how to code (do checkout treehouse or Code Academy) or show you exactly how to integrate Dwolla into your individual project, but it will be able to provide an easy-to-understand rundown of Dwolla and what an integration could mean for your company.

We have a lot of cool ideas and surprises planned for this project, but we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section. What are we missing? How can we make this even better?

©2018 TransSwipe


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