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TransSwipe combines unmatched customer service with cutting edge technology to provide your business with the best credit card processing services available. When you sign up with TransSwipe you’ll have exclusive access to the most advanced terminals on the market. Ordering new supplies, technical support and your account manager are literally the push of a button away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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The City of Evanston Introduces Dwolla for Government Payments

While Dwolla has been busy helping government bodies at the state level improve their payments processes for things like property and sales tax, we had yet to operate at a city government level. That is until Evanston, IL, a city of 75,000 just north of Chicago, adopted Dwolla as an online option for city payments. [more]

Re-education: Setting up and using Auto-Withdrawal

We’re well aware that life can get busy, hectic and distractions are everywhere, so at Dwolla we’re constantly building to make things easier on our users. One of our features that does this is Auto Withdrawal. While this isn’t a new feature to the system, it’s worth revisiting to ensure that everyone is getting the [more]

Should Licensing and Accreditation Come to MCA?

It’s not said often, but it has been suggested by some players in the merchant cash advance industry to introduce sales licensing requirements. Anybody can sell and broker MCAs or alternative business loans, even your mom. That’s been a [more]

New Node.JS library: dwolla-node

We’ve released a new Node.JS wrapper for the Dwolla API, creatively named: dwolla-node.  It’s a fork of Kenan Shifflett’s node-dwolla library, which has served the community greatly for nearly 3 years. dwolla-node will be officially maintained, and brings these new features to the table: Bindings for all API endpoints, including MassPay, Money Requests, Contacts, Transactions, Off-Site [more]

The First Annual Dwolla Summer Retreat [Photos]

On any given day the Dwolla office is buzzing. However, if you were to stop by last Thursday you would have come across an empty office with only the hum of the air conditioner filling the silence. This was for good reason. At the end of last week, our entire team left downtown Des Moines [more]

Greenwood Leverages Dwolla API to Make Crowdfunding Affordable

One of the most powerful things about being an internet-connected community is our ability to come together around ideas, questions, stories, and concerns. If there’s a natural disaster on the other side of the world, we can send support with a few clicks of a button. If an entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio shares a concept [more]

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