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TransSwipe combines unmatched customer service with cutting edge technology to provide your business with the best credit card processing services available. When you sign up with TransSwipe you’ll have exclusive access to the most advanced terminals on the market. Ordering new supplies, technical support and your account manager are literally the push of a button away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Low Credit Card Processing Rate Guarantee
  • Free Merchant Account Set Up – No Application Fees
  • Free Credit Card Terminals with Lifetime Warranty
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  • Check Services
  • Gift and Loyalty Card Programs
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Exceptional 24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support

An ACH Payouts Solution for Marketplaces

The problem: You’re a marketplace that needs to make several hundreds of payouts to your merchants or service providers—but it has to be easy to manage financially and technically. The solution: A full-stack ACH payments solution, free of a per-transaction fee that can be integrated quickly.  When shopping around for a payments solution there’s lots [more]

Easily export and upload transaction history into QuickBooks

About nine months ago I made a move from managing the Community Experience team over to the product side of the house. My regular engagement with customers in Community Experience has provided perspective in my new role—I have a better sense of what our users want. One frequent request we’d receive from our business customers [more]

5 things to do before investing in a custom payment system

There comes a point as a business when you realize it’s time to improve the sophistication of your payments processing. No longer is a complicated ACH interface or a simple credit card payment button the right option—you need payments that are seamless, efficient and safe. Our Director of Strategic partnerships, Robert Rutherford, explains that ‘the [more]

12 Companies Pushing FinTech Forward

There is no doubt that #FinTech is a buzzing industry right now—it’s a hot topic and for good reason. The general consensus is that the next big innovations will be in one of the largest and most dated industries—the financial sector. From big banks to old systems, finance is due for a disruption, and there [more]

Now pay friends with Dwolla Credit

Comenity Capital Bank has expanded Dwolla Credit to allow users to instantly send money to friends As a Credit user, paying merchants was easy. By applying for a line of Credit with Comenity Capital Bank, you could get instant access to funds to pay for the things that you wanted from the merchants you loved. [more]

APIs and the power of collaboration for innovation

Web-based APIs have been around for 15 years allowing businesses to provide their products as services. This approach allows for partnerships between companies with little human interaction. When development is complete, one company’s program talks to another company’s API—often the end user has no knowledge that the features at their fingertips are provided by multiple [more]

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