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Welcome to TransSwipe

TransSwipe combines unmatched customer service with cutting edge technology to provide your business with the best credit card processing services available. When you sign up with TransSwipe you’ll have exclusive access to the most advanced terminals on the market. Ordering new supplies, technical support and your account manager are literally the push of a button away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Low Credit Card Processing Rate Guarantee
  • Free Merchant Account Set Up – No Application Fees
  • Free Credit Card Terminals with Lifetime Warranty
  • Online Merchant Portal – Advanced Reporting Capabilities
  • Check Services
  • Gift and Loyalty Card Programs
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Exceptional 24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support

Need/Want, Making Products that Solve Everyday Problems

At Dwolla we often come across merchants with great stories or perspectives to share, and this Q&A is a prime example of just that. Need/Want, founded by Jon Wheatley and Marshal Haas, produces products solving everyday problems like taking better notes or making your bed. We talked with Jon to get a deeper understanding of [more]

Brand new Dwolla API docs!

A few months ago we discovered TripIt’s awesome documentation framework, Slate, and fell in love with its style, ease of use, and transparency. Since then, we’ve been rewriting our developer documentation, and now we’re excited to launch the new Dwolla API docs, powered by Slate. The endpoint documentation has been removed from our Developer’s Portal’s [more]

Deprecating the Dwolla Labs’ (old) MassPay API

Long ago, MassPay started as a Dwolla Labs incubator project built on top of our API. It was very well received and as users started using it more frequently, we decided to support the project officially and build the MassPay functionality into Dwolla itself. The new MassPay features some much-asked-for improvements: 1. Increased stability and reliability 2. Faster job processing 3. Single [more]

Why Dwolla is Perfect for Your Food Truck

In recent years, the food truck industry has evolved from a simple hot dog on the corner to main-street gourmet food from imaginative chefs. With the perfect recipe for success—low overhead, high flexibility, and the fun brought to busy streets—food trucks have become one of the best performing segments in the food sector, growing to [more]

Dwolla’s Fall Favorites

Fall is a magical time of year—it’s the perfect transition from summer’s searing temperatures to winter’s frigid chill, and in my opinion, it doesn’t last long enough. The true signs of fall for me are spending Saturdays watching college football games, sipping warm pumpkin concoctions, and updating my wardrobe in preparation for the cooling climate. [more]

How #RiseoftheRest Celebrates Midwest Entrepreneurship

One bus. Five stops. Dozens of pitches. The Rise of the Rest tour hit the road this past week, and Steve Case invested $100,000 in five startups along the way. That’s right—he gave five startups a second chance, another employee, an office, or their go-to-market money. Downtown Des Moines was the third stop; in the [more]

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